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What is the Best Shirt for Sublimation?

what is the best shirt for sublimation

What is the best shirt for sublimation printing? When we talk about the best sublimation shirt and sublimation t-shirts, we can get the best quality sublimation printing on polyester material. This material works and compliments well with the sublimation printing.

The usage of polyester material comes with a lot of advantages. The cost of manufacturing and making polyester products is very cheap and affordable. It is produced from the by-products of petroleum. The most common type of fabric that is used by people around the world is polyester. For sublimation shirt printing, the material of the sublimation shirts and sublimation t-shirt has to be made of 100% polyester.

T-shirt sublimation can also be done on clothes made of other materials, provided the fact, that at least half of the material should be made of polyester. The other materials for a full sublimation shirt include the likes of spandex, nylon, etc.

Best Shirt for Sublimation Printing

Why You Should Not Use Cotton for Sublimation?

What is the best shirt for sublimation printing? Anything but cotton. Cotton should never be used for sublimation. No matter which material you use, try to avoid cotton at any cost. The primary reason for not using cotton is that it absorbs water and thus it can also absorb ink. This makes it unsuitable as a material that can be used for sublimation.

Tri-Blend Fabrics

The tri-blend fabrics are one of the most widely used types of clothing materials used for the process of sublimation. As the name suggests, this particular type of clothing material is made up of three different types of fabrics-  cotton,  polyester, and rayon. This is the closest type of fabric that will give you the feel and touch of cotton.

Different procedures and techniques need to be applied for the sublimation of different clothing materials. Different temperatures and exposure are needed for different materials in a heat press to get the best sublimation prints.

There are a couple of negative aspects though to this type of dye sublimation t-shirt. The cost of tri-blend fabrics is more expensive in comparison to other types of fabrics available in the market. Besides, the entire ink will not stay on the clothing material due to the cotton present as one of the chief components of the product.

65% Polyester and 35% Cotton

This type of polyblend will help to provide an even more detailed picture of the sublimation printing. The important thing that one needs to be aware of before making a polyblend is that he has to make sure that more than half of the clothing fabric should consist of Polyester. Although the quality of the printing will not be as good as the prints found on fully pure polyester clothing fabric.

Heathered 65% Polyester

Good quality results of sublimation print can also be obtained on this fiber, provided the fact, that majority of it should be made from polyester. This material is made up of two different types of fibers or two different colors of the same fibers.

what is the best shirt for sublimation

50% Cotton and 50% Polyester

Unlike pure polyester t-shirts, in this case, the sublimation printing that is obtained is not of the finest quality. It is always better to have an approximate percentage of 65% in favor of polyester to yield better results. the 50% cotton in the fabric makes it very difficult for the dye and the print to stay as it gets completely absorbed by the cotton. Here is all about what is the best shirt for sublimation.


1. What is the best t-shirt for sublimation?

What is the best shirt for sublimation printing? Anything which contains no or very less amount of cotton can be considered a good choice. A pure 100% polyester shirt is best for sublimation.

2. What is the best shirt to use for sublimation?

The best shirt for use for sublimation is polyester products or any polyblend where 65% of the fabric should consist of polyester.

3. What type of shirt is best for sublimation?

As mentioned earlier, anything that contains more polyester and less cotton are the best for sublimation.