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What Kind of Printer Uses 11×17 Copy Paper?

what kind of printer uses 11x17 copy paper

Let us discuss what kind of printer uses 11×17 copy paper in this article. A larger document dimension, such as 11 x 17 paper size, is not achievable for all printers. The answer is to invest in a dependable 11 x 17 laser printer that will make your situation better.

There are indeed a variety of printing options, namely Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Apple AirPrint, and the Mopria Print program. However, no matter what gadget you choose, you’ll be supported. A USB-B port and an Ethernet port are located on the rear of the printer if you desire connected connectivity. You may produce a few hundred pages before the inkjet cartridges run out, which is sufficient if you just produce a few sheets every day. There are additional units with a larger yield that last a little longer.

11×17 laser printer:

what kind of printer uses 11x17 copy paper

The best 11 x 17 printers can print in a variety of sizes, as well as duplicate, scan, and do numerous tasks. Several prints can be done straight from hard drives, and various cloud digital printing may also be useful.

It might be challenging to choose which 11 x 17 Laser Printer is the finest. Color laser printers are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their long-term cost savings and dependability. Laser printers are renowned for their effectiveness, and they’re the best option if you need a machine that’s quick, can handle a lot of work and is less expensive to run over time than inkjet printers.


The ease of obtaining 11 x 17’s at leisure is the key benefit. Prints may be made on-demand and separately, which some creators may desire.

A printing firm should be a preferable alternative when functioning with CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key), a benchmark for laser printers and professional machines. Inkjet printers, on the other hand, can occasionally accommodate the RGB color range a little better. With the exception of visual art printed materials, corporate manufacturers typically exclusively print 11 x 17 printers in the CMYK color scheme, unlike bigger billboard and flier dimensions. Those firms use inkjet printers for any and all various sizes, from 46 to large wall-sized printouts, to achieve more colors and give more material options.

Is it possible to print an 11×17 color print with a laser printer?

Certainly, 11×17 color printing has been here for a long time and is ideal for use in business settings. Although laser printers were originally designed to produce only monochromatic printing, it wasn’t until lately that variants were constructed to print in color as well.

The features of the 11×17 color laser printer are:

what kind of printer uses 11x17 copy paper
  • Duplexing: Two-sided material is referred to as duplexing. Machines that can produce double-sidedness should save your company money on paper while also producing more effective results. Printing duplexing is a standard function on most business laser printers.
  • Pixel density: As you’re shopping for color laser printers, it’s safe to presume you have a set of expectations for the color image resolution you’ll obtain. Higher color print capabilities are available on some color laser printers, so search for this feature when looking for a printer. If you require a printer that can generate sharp photos, pay attention to the color print performance.
  • Schmoozing: A well-designed connection reduces the need for a dedicated printer, saving your organization’s time and expenses.
  • Printing Rapidity: The quality and speed of laser printer devices are major selling points. The expense of your copy machine will be determined by its page speed, so try to remember that you may not require the quickest model available.


The 11×17 color laser printer is a better option than printing that resolution at home. The very first thing you should look for is the ability to produce at a fast pace. A device with a quicker printer control panel will save you a huge amount of time and help you finish your process efficiently.

The very next step is to check your printer’s connection. Not every one of them will be able to print simultaneously wired and wirelessly. Another consideration is the toner’s endurance. Typically, these laser printers include a large toner cartridge that can produce over 5000 pages. Having a large-volume printer can save ink expenses and help you save even more revenue.

Here is all about what kind of printer uses 11×17 copy paper.


Is it possible to print 11 x 17 on a laser printer?

Yes, several devices can do the task quickly and efficiently. If you’re still stumped, go over the list of printers that produce 11 x 17:

  • Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer
  • WorkForce Wireless Wide-format WF-7210  Color Inkjet Printer
  • Canon All In One PIXMA TS9520 Wireless Printer
  • Pantum M7102DW Laser Printer, Scanner, Copier
  • Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820 Wireless All-in-One Wide-format printer

Is it possible to print 11 x 17 on most printers?

Some machines might not support 11 x 17 printing. The majority of wide format laser printers provide a number of size modification options. Some printers, however, are unable to produce such large pages. In order to print in this format, you’ll need a large format laser printer with a 3D scanner and a broad hopper. Typically, broad laser printers can achieve this, and the results are fantastic.

Is ink required for laser printers?

The ideas of 11 x 17 inkjet printers and laserjet printers are rather dissimilar. To publish on the sheets, inkjet printers employ pigmented ink. Laser printers, on the other hand, are available with several toner cartridges. These ink cartridges are designed to last a long time. Toners do not use ink and instead rely on graphite manufacturing to save money.

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