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What Printer Can Print 11×17 80lb Cardstock? Find Out Now!

what printer can print 11x17 80lb

Buying a printer also makes it necessary to learn about its technical features and important knowhows. What printer can print 11×17 80lb cover, shall let you know about the same. Reading this shall make it further easier for you to choose the printer to meet your purpose. In addition that you shall be guided about one such printer too.

What printer can print 11×17 80lb

To meet your specific needs, out there in the market you shall find various brands of 11×17 laser printer that provide you with support in printing the 80lb. There are only specific sizes of ledgers or tabloid labels whose weight of 80lb falls under the support of the 11×17 category. They are made from the 80lb cover which is 218 gsm having a double-sided glossy cardstock layer. The fact about these 11×17 glossy 80lb cardstock is that they can only be used in laser copiers and printers. Not all formats of printers are enabled of having this feature.

what printer can print 11x17 80lb

There are a few specific 11×17 format-supported inkjet printers that are able to print 11×17 80lb paper. Amongst them, the Epson 11×17 printer is one. The few 11×17 printer that enabled of printing the paper weight of 80lb comes with specific premium features to do so. This is especially required for industry-grade prints and other specialized purposes which can be met by this purposeful inkjet printer and 11×17 laser printer as well.  These high-quality prints are usually smudge-free having exceptional quality of ink. They also dry instantly and are water resistant, lasting you for generations.

Insight about the 80lb paper

The 80lb of cardstock paper happens to be much stronger and thicker than the normal printing paper. And this is the reason why a regular printer cannot support it. This paper is only supported by 11×17 printers. This paper is enough thick to offer durability from normal wear and tear. It has the capacity of withstanding pressures and holds itself firmly when exerted pressure up to a certain capacity which is surely much more than the normal printing papers. Due to the quality of this paper, it is widely used for marketing materials and brochures for business.

A distinct fact about this paper is that it comes having two finishing options which are matte and gloss. But still, both of these types have a strong finish to them and have a smooth texture. Although gloss paper is much smoother than a matte finish and has a greater shine to it. As per printing standards are concerned, it is always recommended to use matte textured paper if the print is more about text than images. Adding the 80lb cover makes the print durable and gives it a more professional approach. This quality of paper is greatly suited for the printing of flyers, brochures, and mini posters.

Epson 11×17 printer

If you are looking for a printer that is able to print 11×17 80lb paper then look no further than the Epson Workforce Pro WF-7840 wireless all-in-one printer×17+printer&qid=1663312873&sr=8-3

To have the support of this 11×17 printer is incredible. This wifi inkjet printer from Epson is able to give you a greater quality of color prints, which many other printers fail to provide. If you look at the features of this printer you shall see that this printer has a high-speed print format. The wide formatting print is capable of handling 13×19 paper dimensions. With its precision core technology that offers heat-free print capacity, it is efficiently able to deliver high-speed prints. In the case of the black prints, you can easily achieve 25ppm per minute, and for making the color prints you can get up to 12 ppm per minute.

what printer can print 11x17 80lb

This printer is able to handle the paper weight of 80lb and is the perfect one for this purpose. The high-precision printing capacity gives you accurate dot placement with the Durabrite having ultra-pigments of ink that dries instantly and gives a professional outcome to the final product. No matter how high the volume of work may be, you shall always find this printer reliable for handling heavy loads of work. More to that the innovative heat-free technology through which it operates, reduces the downtime of this printer.

No matter what your purpose is, this printer has been made for giving you a great productive time. The fully covered duplex solution brings you auto double-sided print facilities. You can also get the features for scanning and faxing from this printer. When your prints are in a larger number, the printed outcomes get neatly collected in its fifty-sheet rear tray. More to that you shall also get a five hundred sheet large paper capacity that has been divided into two 250-sheet trays for your convenience in usage.

With the easy to use 4.3 inches color touchscreen, the navigation to this printer becomes further simplified and quicker, giving you better control. This printer has been provided with the new Epson smart panel that helps in the enhancement of the capacity and connectivity of this wireless printer even from your smartphone. The additional support from the Bluetooth low-energy feature enhances the wireless mode of prints too. It also has ethernet networking and the wifi direct connectivity feature too.

The user-friendly interface of this Epson printer makes seamless scanning and editing much easier for you. in order to give you security Epson offers comprehensive features of security. This security system secures the wireless and the data erase functions as well. Surely this wide-format printer is the ideal choice for you for achieving a high volume of reliability. This printer is fast with professional productivity quality that turns the workload of this 11×17 feature of prints having 80lb much easier. This printer only uses professional quality ink under the same brand. Other brands of ink may not work and if it does too, the quality shall surely never be of that capacity that this printer is able to provide.