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What Printer Size Label is 11×17? | Get the Answer Here

what printer size label is 11x17

Not all printers can print 11×17 sheets. And finding out about such dimensions of the sheet may seem to be a challenging task too. What printer size label is 11×17 is detailed research about the same. As you read ahead you shall learn about it in greater depth and it is a guarantee that things shall become much more simple from here on.

What printer size label is 11×17

11 by 17 paper size is a large format label. For larger jobs, you shall require these large-format labels. No matter if your application is for practical or promotional reasons, the 11×17 ledger label sheets shall help you to have plenty of space for creativity.

11x 17 laser printer

If you have an 11×17 laser printer you can easily get prints over different dimensions of paper including the 11×17 sheet. The best 11×17 laser printers are able to not only print multiple paper sizes very efficiently and quickly but also are compatible with copying and scanning tasks as well. You shall find that these printers are comfortably able to print this sheet size and are provided with an 11×17 scanner.

what printer size label is 11x17

To print 11×17 sheet size is not a function that you can find easily in all printers because this 11×17 size paper dimension is called tabloid or ledger paper. Only specific industries require this paper size. Printing blueprints or plans of buildings, maps, and other similar dimensions of designs require this paper size because it does not come well on the normal A4 print. This is the reason why you shall not see11x17 printers very easily unless for a specific purpose. The plus side of this fact is that you shall also find the feature for the 11×17 copier in the 11×17 inch printer. It simplifies the job further.

Where to print 11×17 paper

Where to print 11×17 paper no longer remains a challenge for sure. Although you may not very commonly see printers that print 11×17 sheets, certainly, there are some industries that require the use of the big-size printer. Making something big, that is double the size of regular letter-sized papers requires the help of an 11×17 printer. These 11 by 17 large format printers are able to print s large volumes of pages very quickly and save a lot on your printing costs. The additional features these printers bring are duplex scanning and sheetfed scanning functions. These are very helpful in streamlining your tasks further.

What size is ledger paper

Before getting into the fact about what size is ledger paper, let us look a bit more at ledger paper. In North America, the ledger happens to be a part of its loose paper series size. This size comes to 432×279 or more popularly as you know 11×17 printing inches. This is the perfect size for making smaller newspapers or tabloids by the 11×17 inkjet printer.

Further than this, it also happens to be the perfect size for print in the case of drafting different survey maps, and the blueprints of buildings as well. Since this large format of printing is not possible with normal printers, so, special printers having the feature of 11×17 color printing has been made available in the market. These printers have the capacity of printing 11×17 paper. Even though 11×14 is never a standard paper size but still in this 11×17 inches printer format, you can manage to get it printed by putting the custom paper into the dialogue of Print Settings.

Best 11×17 printer for home office

With regard to the particular industry you are working in, you might require the services of a printer that is efficient in printing 11×17 paper type. This requirement of yours can easily get sorted out with the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 wide format all-in-one printer.

This color inkjet printer from HP is the best one to meet your need for 11×17 prints, be it in the home or office. With this all-in-one wide format printer, you can easily print, copy, fax, or even scan all your 11×17 inches of paper documents. This printer also has the option for the automatic document feeder, double-sided duplex printing, AirPrint, and many more things.

what printer size label is 11x17

Furthermore, you can even connect this printer to your smartphone to get the prints and connect it to the iCloud facility or Google drive as well. if you are tired of manual printing, HP also gives you the power assistant printing facility by getting it connected to Alexa. This printer supports a variety of paper sizes right from 3×5 to 11.7×17 inches. Achieving a fast printing speed with this printer is a breeze. In each minute you can make up to 22 pages of black print very easily. This printer also supports a high volume of office printing facilities and so it gives you an input capacity for papers up to 500 sheets that have two 250-sheet paper trays.

Not only will you get great prints but also enjoy a year’s hardware warranty as well. Having been supported by the HP original ink cartridges, the prints always stand out in terms of quality, color, and performance speed. All you got to do is to tap and swipe the color touchscreen to make it function. You shall get a visible diagonal screen of 3×7 cm in this printer. In addition to this, the printer also uses a dynamic security system that periodically gets updated through its firmware updates.

If you have this printer then it is sure you shall be able to reap the benefits of quality outcomes with ultimate convenience. It is always business ready providing you with a high volume of color along with print accuracy. The durable body of this printer shall last you for years. With the HP Smart app, you can manage all your printing tasks on the go if you have this wireless HP printer at your service.