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What Printer to Use with Forever FlexSoft 11×17?

What Printer To Use With Forever Flexsoft 11x17

Forever flex soft is a unique kind of transfer paper that is used to print on top of shirts and t-shirts. Not every printer can print on this forever flex paper. So only a particular type of printer can be used to print on these transfer papers. Do you know what printer to use with forever flexsoft 11×17? In this post, we are going to find the best printers to use for these forever flex soft transfer papers.

Before going to that, let us see more about this unique kind of transfer paper. The forever flex soft paper is also known as self-weeding paper. The laser printer will print on top of these papers with sublimation ink. Then the flux of the paper will be placed on top of the target surface, which will most probably be a t-shirt. It will be placed on top of the transfer paper pressing against the T-shirt with high pressure and moderate to extreme temperature. The reason why we call the forever flex soft 11 x 17 paper self-weeding paper state there will be no ink left out on the paper without using a special toner.

What Printer To Use With Forever Flexsoft 11x17

Usually, a transfer paper will need extreme temperature with special toner that would remove all the ink from the transfer paper and place it on top of the target surface. However, this is not the case with forever flex soft papers because the papers’ high efficiency allows us to make lower substrate applications with just 212-230 degrees Fahrenheit.

Forever flex soft paper will not only make our job easier, but it will also significantly reduce the cost of operations because there is no need to use a special toner for the extreme temperature to transfer the ink to the target surface efficiently.

As you can see, these papers are special and require a special kind of printer to print on them. Only a laser printer can be used to print on the forever black soft transfer papers. Using a printer with any other printing Technology, such as inkjet or thermal printing, won’t work.

Finding a printer that can print on the transfer papers is already a difficult task, and finding a printer that can print on these transfer papers with 11 x 17 dimensions is extremely difficult. The 11 x 17 papers are also called tabloid papers which can only be printed with a printer that supports wide format printing. So let’s see the best printer that can print on forever flex soft 11 x 17 transfer papers.

What printer to use with forever flexsoft 11×17

The canon imageClass printer is the best laser printer for forever flex 11 x 17 transfer papers. It has many advanced features that make it stand out from other printers in the same price range. Let us discuss this printer more regarding its performance.

The printer uses laser jet printing technology which is the exact kind of technology that is used to print transfer papers. The listener printing technology is used in these kinds of papers because it is much cheaper and it has increased the printing speed.

Only a laser printer can be used to print on the forever flex soft printers. Another prominent feature of this canon imageCLASS printer is that it can produce color output. Most of the laser printers that are used to print on transfer papers can only print in black and white. However, this exceptional printer can print multiple colors with maximum speed and produce 28 pages per minute.

It is tough to find a laser printer that can produce color output with a 28 ppm rate. This makes the canon imageCLASS printer one of the best printers that are used with forever flex soft 11 x 17 papers. The best part about this printer is that it does not only print on the forever licks soft 11 x 17 transfer papers but can also be used for office and home purposes.

Special Features Of Forever Flexsoft Papers

The forever flex no cut paper can be used to apply any color on white to dark shade T-shirts. It can also be used to apply designs and other colors on polyester, nylon cotton, and more type of fabrics. However, it is best practice to test the fabric before heat pressing it with the transfer papers.

Flex printing paper is a versatile usage transfer paper that can not only be used on fabrics such as cotton, nylon, and polyester, but it can also be used on paper, wood, polypropylene, and several other hard surface items and glossy surfaces.

What Printer To Use With Forever Flexsoft 11x17

It is compatible with various kinds of printers that use laser printing Technology. Also, it doesn’t need any special type of toner. It can transfer all the ink on its surface to the fabrics much more efficiently under moderate pressure and moderate temperature. Other transfer papers similar to forever flex soft would require an immense amount of pressure and extreme temperature to transfer the same amount of ink with the addition of a special toner.

The extreme temperature and immense pressure can sometimes damage the fabric. So using the forever flex soft no cut paper will guarantee that the target fabric is not damaged at any cost. The forever legs of paper are considered one of the best self-weeding transfer papers because of their ability to get rid of all the ink that is printed on its surface.

Most people use this transfer paper to print metallic colors onto the target surface because the tone of the metallic paint is unparalleled when printed on this transfer paper. You can get rid of the use and throw transfer papers because there are forever flex soft papers that can be reused 10 – 40 times after watching it thoroughly. So it gets your investment on these transfer papers in half while increasing the production speed. You can use the above-mentioned Canon imageCLASS multi-functional printer for better results.