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What Are Best Settings for Printing on 11×17 Glossy Paper using an Epson 7610 Printer?

what settings are best for printing on 11x17 glossy paper using an epson 7610 printer

In this article, let us discuss what settings are best for printing on 11×17 glossy paper using an Epson 7610 printer. A printer is one of the most important devices that is required for home and office purposes. The printer is considered to be and crucial gadget because of its versatile usage. A printer can be used to print documents, charts, images, photos, and various other things. You can use the printers to print on sublimation papers so that you can transfer the sublimation ink to your target surface.

As we have seen, there are multiple usages for a printer. Many photo centers use a printer to print images on glossy paper. It is one of the most profitable businesses currently. Suppose you are looking to print on glossy papers using your Epson printer but have no idea about the settings you have to configure to print on these glossy papers. In this post, you will find what settings are best for printing on 11×17 glossy paper using an Epson 7610 printer.

what settings are best for printing on 11x17 glossy paper using an epson 7610 printer

Before going to the settings part, let us first understand why we use glossy papers. Glossy paper is a special kind of paper that is mainly used for printing images and photos. You may wonder why we are not using normal standard paper to print images. Using normal paper will not provide the same result as glossy paper will produce.

If you print the same image on glossy paper and normal paper at the same time and review those prints, you will find that the print on glossy paper is rich and attractive compared to the print on normal paper. The reason is due to the absorption quality of those papers. The normal paper will absorb almost all of the ink so that when we smudge or touch the paper, it will not fade away. But the glossy paper does not absorb almost 95% of the ink. The specialty of these glossy papers is that even though they don’t absorb 95% of the ink, the printed image will determine the same even if we try to smudge it.

However, not all glossy papers can produce rich results. We will have to use the best quality papers to yield the best results. Since we are using an Epson printer to print on these glossy papers, it is better to use Epson glossy papers that are specifically designed for these printers. There is no restriction from using other company glossy papers, but using Epson photo paper is way better than using other brands’ photo papers.

The reason we suggest using Epson photo paper is due to the fact that Epson has designed this glossy paper specifically to be compatible with Epson printers and Epson ink. So the printed ink will dry up sooner and will stay permanently. Even if you try to smudge the paper as soon as it has been printed, you will not be able to mess up the print. This is because the printed ink will try as soon as the paper comes out of the printer.

Now let us go to the tutorial part where you can find the right settings for printing an 11×17 size glossy paper using an Epson printer.

Configuring Epson 7610 Printer Settings For Windows

There is nothing you have to do in the printer apart from stacking the photo papers in the paper holding ray. Most of the configuration will take place on our computer, where we alter the settings to provide the desired output. We are going to see how to configure your printer settings on a Windows computer. Follow the step carefully.

1. Go to the printer settings in your computer and choose the printer device, which is Epson 7610 in our case.

2. Once the settings menu has opened, go to the Main menu. You can find many important paper options.

3. Change the paper type to Glossy. Then change the Sheet Size to 11×17 dimension. This is to prepare the printer to print on the photo paper we are using.

4. Then change the print type to Photo or Best Photo. If you want good-quality printing, you can choose the Photo option. If you want rich and classy output, choose the Best Photo option. The Best Photo option will consume more ink than the Photo option.

5. If you want to print borderless images such as passport-size images, click on the Borderless feature, which is below the Sheet size.

Once your review the settings and are sure that you have input the correct sheet size, you can click on the Ok option at the bottom. Now, your Epson 7610 printer is all set for printing on 11×17 sheet-size glossy paper.

what settings are best for printing on 11x17 glossy paper using an epson 7610 printer

Configure Epson 7610 Setting On Mac OS

 There is a slightly different procedure that we have to follow to configure the settings of Epson 7610 to make it compatible with printing on 11×17 glossy photo paper. Let us see the steps that are involved in altering the settings.

1. Open the Page Setup by using the printer driver. Once the dialog box appears, you have to choose the printer in the Format For menu. Click on the Epson 7610 printer.

2. Then, enter the 11×17 dimension because we are going to use tabloid photo papers.

3. Now, you can change the orientation and determine which one fits you the best.

4. Change the scale if you want to maximize or reduce the image size on the paper. If you are not sure about scaling features, leave it in its default 100%.

5. Now go to the Pages and Copies settings menu. Enter the number of copies you wish to produce.

6. Click on Print Settings, which will open a series of configurations. Change the media type to Epson Glossy and keep the Color menu as color.

7. Keep the mode in Automatic to keep in default best printing settings and hit Print.

This will print your photos on tabloid-size photo papers.