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Where to feed the 11×17 paper on a Canon Pro-100 series printer?

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where to feed the 11x17 paper on a canon pro-100 series printer

Whenever you put your paper into the rear tray, make absolutely sure it is prepared. Remove the lid of the rear tray of the paper support (A). Seal the output tray carefully with a gentle motion (B). (D) to the output tray to which it was previously connected. In this instance, the feeding slot cover is required. A guideline should be introduced from the E into your rear tray and placed in the tray’s middle alongside the print side.

Canon PRO-100 Inkjet Printing Expense:

where to feed the 11x17 paper on a canon pro-100 series printer

This paper addresses issues  and disagreements concerning the real cost of ink in computer photo printing. I ran a series of print tests on the Canon PRO-100 to discover how much ink is used in a comprehensive coverage 8″ x 10″ print. We approximated ink use per square inch from that value. The goal is to provide inkjet consumers with a reasonable cost-per-print perspective. The choice to continue photo inkjet printing is ultimately a personal economic decision.

Pro 100$0.26$0.3887.5¢$1.68$2.70

How to Print Various Size Documents on a Canon Printer

  • The size of the sheet may be established by identifying it.
  • Windows’ [Control Panel] shows [Devices and Printers].
  • You may activate [Printing Settings] from the list by right-clicking on your printer logo.
  • The Page Setup window should appear.
  • Please choose [Custom Format].

What are the Canon printer’s dimensions?

SizePrint Area (width x height)
A55.56 x 7.95 inches (141.2 x 202.0 mm)
A48.00 x 11.38 inches (203.2 x 289.0 mm)
B56.90 x 9.80 inches (175.2 x 249.0 mm)
Letter8.00 x 10.69 inches (203.2 x 271.4 mm)

How to Adjust the Parameters on the Canon Pro 100?

  • During printing, the printer software configuration box must be opened.
  • Choose Custom for Page Size in the Page Setup screen by ticking the box next to it.
  • You must specify the number of items as well as the elevation of each unit. Select the option next to the dimension you want to make.
  • Finish the configuration.

How to Make a Canon Printer Produce 11X17?

where to feed the 11x17 paper on a canon pro-100 series printer

The 6000 inkjet class machines, in contrast to the 5000 inkjet range, allow ledger publishing, but with sheet capacity as large as 11 x 17 inches.

  • Once you open the window, you will see the printer software configuration screen.
  • On the Settings Tab tab, click Custom for Page Size to set a different page size.
  • Fill in the appropriate units for the sheet, as well as the length and width of the document.
  • By selecting OK, you may access the Page Setup section.

Adjusting your printer’s normal sheet should overcome this problem: Start Screen, then Settings, and then Printers from the submenu. By right-clicking the printer you want to print on, choose Properties from the list. Choose the Paper Size box on the Paper menu, then input the formatting you want to use.

The Canon Pro-100 series printer,, is a high-quality machine with a slew of areas of expertise that can publish on cardstock and slashed medium up to 44″ wide. It’s an eight inkjet printer with a performance of 2400 x 1200 dpi. Publication on material as thick as 0.8 mm is feasible.

With an inbuilt color sample is measured, three-color LED, and retractable optics, users may recalibrate the PRO-4000S at almost any moment to perform effectively coloured prints. The Access Control Console program expands your capabilities by allowing you to calibrate and inspect print status for up to 50 devices from a faraway place. It makes use of the LUCIA PRO ink set, which provides pigment-based ink with brilliant, stable colors, smooth distinctions, outstanding blacks, and technical aspects.

How to Print Real Dimensions?

  • To pick a device, click Start, then Settings, and finally Printers.
  • Choose Parameters from the drop-down menu after selecting the proper printer from the right-click option.
  • After choosing paper, you will be able to select the size of the print that the paper size will utilize.
  • After that, click OK to dismiss the Printers folder.


1. Is it possible to print on canvas with the Canon Pro 10?

It, with the exception of canvas, can be printed on. There are just the ICC settings for Canon Inkpress accessible there.

2. Is it possible to print on canvas with the Canon Pro-1000?

There is no better big canvas printer for people who operate 24 hours a day due to its extraordinary handling capacity of 27. It’s a 6-mil thick canvas that can print up to 17 by 17 inches.

3. How Can I Make My Printer Print 11X17?

The actual constitution may require you to accommodate the pages by selecting “shrink oversized sections” from the size drop-down menu. To disable the skip box, go to the ‘Basic’ option beneath the paper tray. During printing, the 11 x 17 must transit through the skip box on the printer’s correct hand.