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Where to Load 11×17 Paper on a HP 8710 Printer?

where to load 11x17 paper on a HP 8710 printer

You might not be aware of where to load 11×17 paper on a HP 8710 printer and how to do so. To know about the complete process and the step-wise guide, make sure that you read the complete article. 

HP office jet 8710

where to load 11x17 paper on a HP 8710 printer

The HP office jet 8710 is considered to be one of the best where to load 11×17 paper on a HP 8710 printer in the modern days. They come in a wide range of options. You can get wireless and wired printers. If you have a strong Internet connection, we recommend you choose the wireless printer as its performance quality of it is top-notch. 

If you reside in an area where there is a poor network connection, then you can opt for wired printers. Wired printers are faster compared to wireless printers as they are not dependent on network strength. 

If you are using a wired printer, you must be present in front of the computer screen which is not the case with wireless printers. You click the execute button in wireless printers and the printer starts printing the documents one after the other. 

The office jet 8710 is a flagship product of HP. Flag ship products mean that they have all the latest features and are considered to be the top models in the particular segment. If you buy the HP office jet 8710, you can be assured of the best performance and the least response time. Here is where to load 11×17 paper on a HP 8710 printer.

HP 8710

HP 8710 is mainly an office-purpose printer. It consumes less ink and prints 100 to 200 pages in a single execution. You can print as many files and documents as you want in the office printer. 

They are cost-effective and consume less electricity. Now, you do not have to bear the extra heavy electricity bill due to printers. Other where to load 11×17 paper on an HP 8710 printer model consumes quite a lot of electricity and also the printing quality is not the best. 

The price of the HP 8710 is economical and can be afforded by most office goers. You can also use this printer as a multipurpose one, which means that you can use it in your office as well as your home. 

We recommend you to buy this printer if you have to print a lot of files in a single day. This will be an affordable option for students and office goers.  

HP Pro 8710

where to load 11x17 paper on a HP 8710 printer

The HP Pro 8710 is the upper version of the HP 8710. It consists of extra features and comes with a bit of extra price as compared to the HP 8710. You can scan, copy and print using this printer. 

You can also send and receive fax documents using the printer. The printer comes in two different modes, wired and wireless. In the case of wired printers, you need to make sure that the connections are properly done from the printer to the computer. 

In the case of wireless printers, make sure that each of the three wireless devices that is the computer, the wireless network, and the printer are connected and respectively powered on. 

You must also get a strong connection wireless network so that you do not face issues while printing your documents. 

Here is all about where to load 11×17 paper on a HP 8710 printer.


1. Which of the HP 8710 printers should I opt for, the regular one or the pro version? 

This depends from user to user. It also depends on how frequently you use the printer. If you have to use the printer for printing more than 500 pages a day, we recommend you to go for the regular one as it is cost-effective. If you have to print less than 200 pages a day, you can then opt for the pro version as it provides you with the best print quality. 


In this article, we have read about the HP 8710 printers. We have compared the were to load 11×17 paper on a HP 8710 printer features of the regular 8710 printers and the pro 8710 printer. We have also read about the best time to use each of them.