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Which 11×17 Printer is Most Economical for Ink?

which 11x17 printer is most economical for ink

In this article, let us discuss which 11×17 printer is most economical for ink. 11 x 17 size sheets are also known as tabloid papers. Tabloid paper is a unique size sheet that’s been used to do to print designs, charts, graphs, and blueprints. Only wide-format printers can print on tabloid papers. Since these sheets are much larger than standard-size papers, it would require a large amount of ink to complete a printing task.


There are many wide format printers that have been used to print on 11 x 17 size papers. However, not all these printers can print with a low amount of ink to reduce the operating cost. So, which 11×17 printer is most economical for in? Let us find out that in this post.

The main reason that we need to use one day a printer that can print with less amount of ink is to reduce the cost of printing. Asking know that the ink that’s required for printers is expensive and hard to refill. So if you can find a printer that can print with only the bare minimum amount of ink, it would reduce unnecessary spending on those things.

In this post, we are going to see a few of those printers that can print with the most minimum amount of ink that spend required.

Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Wide Format Printer

which 11x17 printer is most economical for ink

The first printer on our list is the Epson color laser printer which is known for its insanely reduced use of ink. It can save almost 90% of the ink that will be required by other wide-format printers. Imagine reducing 90% of the total amount of ink that is required. You can print extra nine 11 x 17 prints with the same amount of ink.

The ET-15000 is the best wide-format printer that has versatile usage features. It can be used to print from standard A4 size sheet papers to large tabloid-size papers. The largest size of paper it can print on is 11 x 19 inches wide paper. The wide-format paper can also print small papers such as A4.

The 11×17 laser printer not only allows you to print on 11 x 17 papers but the precision of the printing is off the charts. If you are running an architectural or engineering business, having the Epson ET-15000 is a huge asset since it can print your designs and blueprints with much precision and accuracy, which you can’t expect from similar ones.

Not only can you print, but you can also scan large-format documents and designs using this wide-format color laser printer. It is not even the best thing. The most prominent feature is that you can send and receive scanned documents and files wirelessly to your computer and mobile devices through wireless connections such as Wifi and Bluetooth.

Almost all other printers use ink cartridges for refilling, which is expensive, hazardous to the environment, and requires much often replacement of them. However, it is not the case with EcoTank 15000 because it uses inexpensive and efficient ink bottles which can hold ink three times more than a normal printer cartridge would. A single refill can help you print 7,500 standard black pages and 6000 color pages which is several times higher than a normal printer’s printing rate.

The large format laser printer can hold up to 250 pages at a given time. So, you can assign long tasks without having to refill the paper stack often. You can also assign printing tasks to this large color printer with your mobile phones or computer devices sitting in your own space.

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 11×17 Color Laser Printer

which 11x17 printer is most economical for ink

If you are looking for a proper printer for large prints, HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 might be the right fit for you. It seems that the printer is specifically made for 11 x 17 sheet size papers. The largest paper size it can support is tabloid paper. But it can print papers that are small up to 3 x 5 inches. It can print with 45% lesser ink compared to other printers.

This is one of the best wide format printers that can produce color prints on 11 x 17 inches wide papers. Most large-scale printers are monochrome printers because they are mostly used to print diagrams and designs which doesn’t need any colors. But living in the competitive world, you may require to use color prints to grab the attention of your clients effectively. For that, you may need this large format inkjet printer.

You can not only print 11 x 17 size papers, but you can also scan them. This is the perfect wide-format inkjet printer if you want to speed up printing production in your office.

HP Designjet T210 Multi-Functional Printer

Are you looking for one of the best HP large format printers for advanced design and blueprint printing? There is no large format printer that can rival the performance of the Designjet T210 printer. It is mainly equipped by architects and engineers to print insanely precise designs and blueprints. With the T210 printer, there is no room for error or off drawings.

The printer is black in color with an industry-appropriate design. Unlike most printers which can only print black and white when it comes to tabloid papers, the HP Designjet can print color images, designs, charts, and graphs. It requires 20% less ink than what is needed by a normal printer.

Due to its precise printing technology, it can produce only 1.33 printed pages per minute. It might seem a little slow, but it is due to the accurate printing method it equips.

The 11×17 printer can be connected to computers, laptops, and mobile devices using Wifi and Bluetooth. You can remotely assign tasks to the printer using your mobile with HP smart app, which removes the need for you to assign these tasks by physically inputting the values.

These are the best 11 x 17 printers that are used by professionals and huge corporations that saves a lot of ink and help you reduce operating cost.