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Which Brother Printer Can Use 11×17 Paper? – The Best Options for Your Needs

which brother printer can use 11x17 paper

Which brother printer can use 11×17 paper guides you not only about this specific brand of the printer but also gives you a good knowledge about the various factors of 11×27 printing. And to give you further support, it shall get you all the information that is required in regard to a specific model of the Epson printer which you can find helpful.

Brother printer can use 11×17 paper

11×17 paper size indeed is not a fit for any regular printer. It requires an 11×7 laser printer or inkjet printer to handle this capacity of printing. Even though this is not a regular or usual print size that is required by us generally except for special requirements such as printing the maps or the blueprint of construction, there surely is help for that. If you research a bit across the market, you shall surely come across various big brands of 11×17 laser printer or wide format color laser printer as well.

which brother printer can use 11x17 paper

These large format laser printer not only are able to give a print of this capacity but also, they are compatible with handling different weights of paper too. This is another factor that a regular printer is unable to do. Ordinary printers are compatible with handling only a specific dimension and weight of paper.

With Brother printers and scanners, you shall be able to handle a wide variety of paper sizes very easily. There are various models of Brother large format printers that provide you with the same facilities that any other 11×17 printers do. Using the Brother 5000 and 6000 all-in-one inkjet printers you shall be able to handle this 11×17 paper category of prints. This undoubtedly is one of the best wide format printer. This is one such large format inkjet printer that supports ledger printing facilities only.

Features about 11×17 printers

Gone are the times when 11×17 color printers were mostly a requirement for people belonging to a particular industry. These days a lot of designers and professionals belonging to different industries are using this format of printer for large prints. These prints are mostly known as a ledger or tabloid paper prints. And although these large format color printing may not fall under the legal paper size; they surely are used in different ways.

Some of the important features of this wide format printer are that it provides greater efficiency, speed, and a color gamutthan the other regular inkjet or laser printers. Sometimes it becomes a necessity to get certain prints in a single large format instead of dividing them into parts or compressing them into a smaller paper frame. This is best held by the tabloid or the A3 paper size which is 11×17. This can only be achieved by a fast-speed special feature.

Be it the inkjet or the large format color laser printer, the print dialogue of these printers puts these printers into an advanced setting option that allows it to make the prints of bigger format images in a single flow more appropriately than what regular printers can do. It helps to cut the sheets by 11×17 inches and sometimes, even more, depending on the feature of the printer, and using the ultrachrome ink pigment of PRO10, increases the feature of the print automatically.

Epson 11×17 printer

If you wish to get a bigger printing width then you can easily achieve so with the features that the Epson 11×17 printer provides. Bring home the Epson WorkForce WF-7720 wireless color inkjet printer

to serve your printing purposes for 11×17 paper format. This Epson printer works with genuine Epson ink and gives you a higher grade of print quality. Being powered by PrecisionCore technology, this inkjet printer gives you quality and performance that is much ahead of the laser printers. You are bound to remain awed by the print shop quality features of this printer the quality of borderless prints having a size of 13×19 inches it can deliver. This printer is very much compatible with the various version of Windows which makes its functions all the more effective and amazing.

While using this printer you understand more that not all big format of printers needs to be costly without compromising on their print quality. This is a very economical printer that uses up to eighty percent of less power than the other color laser printer does. You can easily achieve a high volume of printing with its five-hundred-sheet capacity. it also gives you a feature of the dual tray system so that the prints get equally shared and adjusted in both trays neatly without creating a mess. In addition to this feature, it also gives you a rear feed capacity for specialty papers that has a hundred-and-twenty-five sheet output tray.

which brother printer can use 11x17 paper

With this Epson workforce model which has been built to last for a long time, you shall be achieving a printing speed of eighteen ppm for black prints and thirteen ppm for color prints. The facilities with these Epson printers are immense. The auto double-sided print feature is not only a great time saver but also saves on the unnecessary usage of ink as well. And the quality of the ink that it gives you is a different achievement altogether. Not only the ink is clear and vibrant but also prints images that shall not fade for a long time.

The quality ink is also smudge-free and dries up quickly upon printing leaving no marks on the opposite of the paper. Not only the regular paper quality but this printer can handle equally well paper having more weights making it perfect for the 11×17 format of application. You can also use this printer for making large scans supported by the double-sided automatic thirty-five-page document feeder. The wireless connectivity with smartphones and the navigation is also very easy having the 4.3 inches intuitive color touchscreen.