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Which Katana DTG Printer Has White Printing Capabilities?

which katana dtg printer has white capabilities

Garment printing is a huge industry. Nowadays, the young generation loves to wear clothes that have graphical prints on them. Due to the rise in demand for such clothes, the garment printing industry has risen in its popularity. Which katana DTG printer has white capabilities? Well, there is a process of printing those graphical images on your garment. These images are printed on the garment with a garment printer.

Katana DTG printers

When it comes to an affordable DTG printer, the KatanaDTG p600 Express system is the best one. It is the most cost-effective and one of the top DTG printers. This system can help you get a quality as good as the industrial ones. It produces prints of the highest quality in the industry.

which katana dtg printer has white capabilities

This system is extremely cost-effective and the quality of prints that it provides is exceptional. When we talk about digital prints, the prints must be of good quality. You might feel that an affordable DTG printer isn’t always great. However, this DTG printer is different. It is the best DTG printer.

KatanaDTG p600 is said to be the best garment printer for a few reasons. You ought to know these reasons to find the answer to your question – Which Katana DTG printer has white capabilities? Moreover, these reasons will give you a brief idea about why you should buy this DTG printer.

Best garment printer

  1. High-end optical sensors with drive motors that are powerful are used.
  2. The parts can withstand heavy duties in the test of time.
  3. It has a purge button where you do not need to freshen the chips.
  4. The system has a one-touch capping station.
  5. With wiper blade control, it has a pressurized ink system.
  6. The modular design of the system has a dual rail drive system.
  7. The powerful drive motor of the best DTG printer is reliable to use.
  8. The system has an automatic two-pass mode.
  9. The system has enough space for large garments with a threadable platen system.
  10. It has a fully enclosed base and a robust build.
  11. For easy maintenance, the system has an easy access panel on both sides of the module.
  12. It is powered by the best software.

Which katana DTG printer has white capabilities? We hope you have got your answer. This printer is opposite direct to garment printer prices. Top DTG printers are often expensive as compared to this one. This system is an affordable DTG printer. Moreover, the quality of the prints is amazing too.

which katana dtg printer has white capabilities

The operating systems that support this printing system are Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The only additional requirement of this best DTG printer is a Standard 110 AC Power-print module.

Print technology of the katana DTG printer

Model name – Epson p600 Print Module.

This system has various print resolutions available. Not many DTG printers have this feature. Furthermore, it often gets difficult to understand a printing system. This system is easy to understand and work on. In addition to this, the best DTG printer has a fast SDP Dual-CMYK option. This option works fast on light garments for up to 40%.

The advanced micro-piezo ink-jet print technology has 180 nozzles with 8 channels. These features make p600 one of the top DTG printers that direct to garment printer prices. 4 channels of the printing system are dedicated to light garments. CMYK + WWWW supports dark and light garment printing options.

To ensure top-quality production of the prints, the configuration usually requires a higher maintenance cost when it comes to light garments. The CMYK + CMYK configuration works 40% fast for the printing process on light garments. This configuration requires less maintenance cost as compared to other configurations. The answer to the question, “Which katana DTG printer has white capabilities?” is the Epson p600 Print module. It is the best garment printer and has amazing results. Moreover, the technology makes it one of the top DTG printers and an affordable DTG printer too. It is the go-to katana DTG printer.