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Why Does My Wireless Printer Take So Long To Print?

why does my wireless printer take so long to print

Wireless printers are trending these days. The most asked question by wireless printer users these days is ‘why does my wireless printer take so long to print?’. If you own a wireless printer with a slow printing speed, then this article is for you. 

What is a wireless printer?

why does my wireless printer take so long to print

A wireless printer is a printer that does not require any cable connection between your printer and device such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Wireless printers use wireless networks to receive communication. That is why they are also known as wi-fi printers. We cannot say wireless printers are 100% wireless because they still need to be plugged into the power socket. But other than this, there is no other connection or wire involved. 

People with small printing businesses usually go for wireless printers. These printers are easy to set up and use, and you can place them anywhere in your office. The exceptional wireless technology in wireless printers allows you to send documents to your printer from anywhere within the wireless range. 

The answer for ‘Why does my printer take so long to print?’

When you invest in a wireless printer for your business needs, you’ll expect it to work efficiently and fast. But many wireless printer owners face the issue of slow printing, which can directly affect the quality of your services. To help, here’s the list of narrowed-down possible reasons to answer why your printer takes so long to print and how you can fix these problems.

Wireless connection: Wireless printers work using a wireless network. Wireless printers are usually dependent on USB or Ethernet connection, and they may lack speed due to poor connection. Networks with a lot of traffic can also cause slow printing. Other factors that may slow down the network are wireless speakers, walls, cordless phones, etc. 

Solution: You can’t improve the network, but you can improve the speed of your printer by waiting patiently. You can try switching the channel of your wireless router manually. 

why does my wireless printer take so long to print

Printing high-resolution files: Printing in high resolution defines the quality of your services and is essential when printing images. If you have a printing business and print high-resolution pictures regularly, it can be a possible reason for your printer to take so long to print. 

Solution: If you want your printer to print fast, you can try setting the quality of the image to a lower number from the settings. If your printer uses inkjet cartridges, you can change your print settings to draft quality to improve the speed. 

Bygone drivers: To improve the performance of the printers, manufacturers continue releasing an updated versions of their drivers. Using an outdated driver may be the reason for slowing down your printer. 

Solution: To solve this problem, you can occasionally check the manufacturer’s website to notice if an update is available for your printer or driver. 

Using an old printer: Sometimes, the age of your printer can cause problems while printing, including slow printing. Are you using the same printer for so many years, then maybe it’s time to invest your money in a new one. 

Solution: You can try getting a repair for your old printer. If this doesn’t work, try considering buying a new one. 


1. How to speed up printing?

  • Try not to place things near your printer that hinder the network, like cordless phones, wireless speakers, etc. 
  • Wait patiently if your printer is slow
  • Manually switch the channel of your router.
  • Purchase a new printer if your printer is too old.
  • Set the quality of the image to a lower number
  • Update your printer occasionally
  • Always check your print settings before printing

All these solutions mentioned above can increase the printing speed of your printer successfully. 

2. Why does it take so long for my wireless printer to print?

All these factors listed below are mainly responsible for slow printing:

  • Slow or poor network connection
  • Outdated drivers
  • Using an old printers
  • Using colored inks while printing
  • Sending documents in bulk 
  • Printing high-resolution images or documents