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How do I Change the Size of My Graphic to Fit a 11×17 Paper on muy icolor600 Printer?

how do i change the size of my graphic to fit a 11x17 paper on muy icolor600 printer

Sometimes need arises to change certain images and graphics in order to fit the 11×17 print. If you are a novice to digital printing then indeed the job of doing it shall seem to be a little scary. But in reality, it is actually very simple to do so. Reading about how do I change the size of my graphic to fit a 11×17 paper on muy icolor600 printer? shall make it very much easier for you to perform.

The features of the 11×17 papers

Commercial papers come in various sizes right from letter size to a larger format of up to 13×19 and more. Other than the regular size, the one format that is very much in demand from various specialized industries and also the creative industries is the tabloid paper that falls under the 11×17 size. This wide-format paper is very much a requirement for many people all around the world. Undoubtedly this 11×17 paper is even very much in demand across engineering offices and other different areas of the workspace as well.

how do i change the size of my graphic to fit a 11x17 paper on muy icolor600 printer

Offices that require making large-size drawings and documentation such as architectural blueprints or even maps, need this 11×17 paper to meet their purposes. These types of drawings are not meant to fit on regular letter-sized papers but only in wide format ones. Even though the 11×17 paper is the only one that would fit this specific type of drawing, still it becomes a little difficult and inconvenient for one to carry and maintain while he is working at a construction site. This is the reason why many people even prefer to plan and draw commercial architectural images over ANSI D22 x34 sheets as well.

Even for the purposes of Computer Animated Drawing Software CAD or AutoCAD, the engineers find the 11×17 papers the perfect size to meet the purposes having ¼ scale, that can be well managed for carrying it along. Printing on 11×17 paper also makes it the most cost-effective measure as there are many options for having economical printers at a much lower price. The popularity in the usage of 11×17 printers is so much that even magazines too use this format of paper for folding and compiling many sheets together and also for printing posters as well.

The advantages of using the 11×17 papers

One of the biggest advantages of using the 11×17 sheets is that it enables the users to read the technical drawings made on the CAD software much more easily. Large-size drawings require a greater scale for reading and interpreting them which the 11×17 papers make much easier to do. Even you can easily find many printers in the market as well that have the capacity of printing 11×17 paper sizes very easily. So indeed, this accepted 11×17 commercial paper is surely a very productive and economical choice. Be it the inkjet printer r the laser jet, both the format of printers can easily work with this format of paper very easily.

How do I change the size of my graphic to fit a 11×17 paper on my IColor600 printer?

It is very simple to change the size of the graphic to fit the 11×17 paper.

On your windows

  • Select the paper tab first and then choose the paper size for the graphic image that you wish to set for your IColor600 printer
  • Having done so choose the option for the fit-to-paper size and then choose the actual paper size which is 11×117 in this case, in order to be used for printing
  • Your IColor600 printer is now all set to print the graphic image on 11×17 paper.

Other options that you can try

Crop the graphic

Cropping the graphic simply means eliminating the blank edges that surround the main graphic. It helps in bringing a proper dimension to the graphic. And then as you try to fit the graphic on the 11z17 you get the actual size of it. This makes it very much easier for you to have the actual dimension that you require while making the changes in the printer formats for printing it on 11×7 paper.

Resampling the size

Recreating a fresh dimension (in pixels) is also a very good way of ensuring the graphic fits well within the 11×17 print format.

how do i change the size of my graphic to fit a 11x17 paper on muy icolor600 printer


Scaling the graphic shall only change the dpi of it without hampering the resolution. So, certainly, if you can scale your graphic to the appropriate size needed for your 11×17 print, it shall be a very easy and useful way of fitting the graphic.


If you print the graphic in some other print format type at first it shall make it easier for you to bring the necessary changes that are required. Like, computing a bit on its dpi but certainly without compromising on the resolution or the pixels. And then when that small format print has been made you can work a bit on its scale to adjust it to the appropriate one that is required before going for making the print on the 11×17 paper.

You must remember to use a higher JPG for your print so that the image does not tear while you print it on 11×17 paper. This printing option can be more efficiently done by professional printing studios. You can always get in touch with one such place and send them your photo by either emailing it or downloading it to a memory card and reaching it out to them in person.

Let us understand how do i change the size of my graphic to fit a 11×17 paper on muy icolor600 printer?


1. What is the formal term for using on 11×17 papers?

11×17 papers are either called tabloid paper or B-size. It is even known as the ledger size as well.

2. For what purpose are the 11×17 papers used and who can use them?

The 11×17 format is more often used for office environments. Even designers and people belonging to specific industries such as architects and engineers require this format of prints. The 11×17 paper is mostly used for drawing bigger drawings such as blueprints, charts, plans, and maps. Creative designers also require this form of print often in their profession as well.