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How to Add 11×17 Paper Size to Printer?

how to add 11x17 paper size to printer

In this article, let us discuss how to add 11×17 paper size to printer. A printer might now be needed for a variety of stuff to be fair. Not just for usual printings but it can serve for a lot of things. With time technology advances. And we are all living in a modern world. So, we can expect it to get better with time. And it did. There are so many different kinds of printers now available. Each of them serves a different purpose for that matter. There is something that we call a 3d printer.

Those printers would help you create models for your work or school. There are many kinds of printers out there. The best part about them is that the price still is reasonable. If you need a printer like that for professional use. Then, you can afford one.

A usual printer would print just on the letter-size sheet. But at times the requirements are different. And we need to print on a wider and bigger sheet. Because in a small sheet, the elements of what you are printing might not be seen clearly so to speak. And that would not do justice to your work or whatever you wish to get printed.

So, in such cases, you would need to print on a bigger sheet. And for such types of printing an 11 x 17 paper size would be used. This size is big enough to cover the elements for you. But even related to this people have loads of doubts and queries. Do many people ask how to add 11×17 paper size to printer?

How to add 11×17 paper size to printer

how to add 11x17 paper size to printer

It should not come as a surprise. But if you want to print an 11 x 17 paper size with your normal printer. Then, that just would not be happening. For obvious reasons, you can not print a paper of that size with a normal printer. A normal printer would not be capable to do so. Like, its plate that prints are quite small as compared to the paper. The whole printer is small. It is just not accessible for such printing.

If you want to print 11 x 17 paper then, there are special printers for that matter. To be very honest with you. They might be a bit expensive. You can expect them to cost some extra money. But trust me it is totally worth it.

You quite definitely need a printer like that for your work and professional commitments. And usually, such a printer would not cost that much. If you do the research about them. And get yourself to buy a decent product. Then, I am sure you could get them for a fairly reasonable price.

While setting up your 11 x 17-page size in the printer, you would have to select the tabloid option. These are usually known by that name. However, in some devices, the name could also be ledger and b-size. It depends on the model to the model.

Add 11 x 17 to the printer.

how to add 11x17 paper size to printer

To add 11 x 17 to the printer you would need to go to format, then to document, and then, to page setup. You would be required to select the printer from the format list. There you would see the option to choose a tabloid. You need to click on that. And that is pretty much it. Now, you can print 11 x 17 paper sizes easily. Also, on some devices, you might see the word ledger or B-size be used instead of tabloid. So, in such cases, you would have to choose them.

Here is all about how to add 11×17 paper size to the printer.


1. How to add 11 x 17 paper size to printer Epson?

For that, you would need to go to the printer settings. There you then, go to the main tab. You will have the option of user-defined paper size. You can edit it there and 11 x 17 paper size. Click ok and save the length. And with that, the new size will be added to your device.