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How to Add a Wireless Printer to Windows 10?

how to add wireless printer to windows 10

The latest version of windows is much updated and advanced in every respect. Windows 10 comes with very handy features and is compatible with almost every modern gadget that is required to run along with a desktop or laptop. How to add wireless printer to windows 10? Well, the answer is simple.

You do not need to do any additional work; Windows is smart enough to do it for you. Just make sure that your printer is on. Wireless printers do not require any extra set up just like Windows, it can easily find the printers and add them to the device, provided the fact, that the printer must be kept on as mentioned earlier.

how to add wireless printer to windows 10

How to Install Wireless Printer to Windows 10?

There are some cases however when Windows cannot add the wireless printers automatically to a device. To know how to add wireless printers to Windows 10 at that time, read the points below.

  • Go to the start menu. Click on it and find the settings app. Click to open it.
  • After going to the settings, click on the Devices button.
  • On clicking the Devices button, you can find the option, “Add Printers or Scanners.” Click on it.
  • Windows will now automatically add the wireless printer or any wireless gadget to the device if it appears on the list after scanning for the nearby gadgets.

You will most likely be able to find and add your printer to your computer or desktop following the above points, if not then follow the rules that are mentioned below.

  • On the Devices screen, you will see the name of the printers listed on it. There you will find the option of Devices and Printers. Click on that link to open the Control Panel.
  • After the Control Panel opens, you can see all the devices that are connected to your desktop or laptop.
  • The printers will also appear on the list. Just select the “Add a Printer” option and it will start scanning for the nearby devices including the printer.
  • Once the name or model of your printer appears on the list, click on it immediately to add it to your device. Don’t wait for the Wizard option to stop scanning and just click on the select option.
  • To complete the full installation process, click on the next button continuously one after another, until the finish option appears. Click on the finish button to complete the entire installation.

These are the two basic ways that you need to know how to add wireless printer to windows 10. If you still cannot add it to your device, then you need to start from the beginning again or take the help of the documentation or you can even contact the customer service. Here is all about how to add wireless printer to windows 10.

How to Add Wi-fi Printer to Windows 10?

Adding Wi-fi printers to windows 10 is almost the same as that the wireless printers. All you need to do is click on the Start menu and then go to the devices to find the Printers & Scanners option. Click on it to add a printer to a scanner. Make sure that the Wi-fi of your device is enabled. The desktop or laptop will scan for the nearby printer and will add it automatically.

how to add wireless printer to windows 10

Here is all about how to add wireless printer to windows 10.


1. How to Connect a Wireless Printer to Windows 10?

The process of connecting a wireless printer to Windows 10 is very simple. All the steps that are necessary to follow to connect a windows device with a wireless printer are already mentioned above. Windows 10 is a much improved and advanced version of its predecessors. No additional setup is required to establish the connection between two devices.

Windows 10 automatically completes the entire installation. Just make sure that the printer is kept on. You may run into a few complications if the device does not or fails to connect with the wireless printer. the points that you need to follow are quite different and it may take some time. All those points are also mentioned above.