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How to Set Up 11×17 Paper Size to HP Printer with Chromebook?

how to get 11x17 paper size to hp printer on chromebook


As we all know the usage of printers is increasing day by day. We use printers for many different functions. Now their usages are not confined to some works like earlier. Now they are used for doing several works at a time. We will learn about printers and more precisely about hp printers because they are in high demand, we will see how to get 11×17 paper size to a hp printer on Chromebook.

What is a printer?

A printer is an equipment that ratifies articles and visual output from a computer and transports the evidence to the manuscript. Printers differ in length, velocity, refinement, and expense. In public, more costly printers are utilized for more systematic printing or high-finding color printing.

how to get 11x17 paper size to hp printer on chromebook

Private computer printers can be differentiated as effective or non-outcome printers. Early effect printers helped something like a voluntary typewriter, with a key hitting an inked impression on the manuscript for each thing. The dot-matrix printer is an effect printer that hits the manuscript a cord at a period and was an outstanding low-expense choice.

The best understood non-effect printers were the inkjet printer and the beam printer. The inkjet uses to spray ink from an ink cartridge at an extremely tight span to the manuscript, while the laser printer uses a beam indicated from glass to entice ink to assigned manuscript regions as a sheet.

What are hp printers?

Hp printers are greatly outstanding printers utilized over the world. There are more than three hundred million helpful consumers of Hp printers. Hp printers were formulated by the American electronic corporation Hewlett-Packard in 1984. One thing about Hp printers is that their trustworthiness is extremely elevated. They are specifically a brand of printers.

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are new to the market, they are a recent category of computer constructed to assist you to get work done sooner and simpler. They operate Chrome OS, an operating network that has a cloud storehouse, the nicest of Google built-in, and numerous layers of safety.

How to get 11×17 paper size to a hp printer on Chromebook?

This is the most asked or conveyed question you can say, as many have doubts on this point. So here I will clear your doubts regarding this, I will give you a conclusion on this. I will give you a stepwise explanation and procedure, so let’s start –

Step 1 – First thing you have to do is open the pdf on a library computer and then you have to select the print button or option. 

how to get 11x17 paper size to hp printer on chromebook

Step 2 –  In the next step you have to tap on the print option, you have to choose the option that is called properties.

Step 3 – Then you have to make some small changes that are to convert to the original size. You have to change that to 11×17, the print should be one-sided.

Step 4 – Then you have to select the bypass and after that, you have to click ok.

Step 5 –  Check the preview box, and select the shrink oversized pages.

Step 6 – Load your option in the tray.


1. Can we load or print 11 ×17 in Chromebook

Yes we can easily load it. You are just required to follow a 6-step process and it’s done.