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How to Print 11×17 Sheets on a Normal Printer?

how to print 11x17 sheets on a normal printer

If you are not yet aware of how to print 11×17 sheets on a normal printer and why we use the 11*17 sheets, then let us tell you that the reason is it is used for large-size drawings which might not fit on regular-sized papers. 

11×17 paper size

how to print 11x17 sheets on a normal printer

The 11*17 is not the regular paper size that we use in everyday life. The paper which we normally use for printing is A4-sized paper. The how to print 11×17 sheets on a normal printer A4 size papers are multipurpose and are used for a lot of official purposes. 

The 11*17-sized papers are specifically used by the architects and the people related to software drawings. We use these papers for printing large-size drawings. This makes the diagram visible in detail as the architects start working with them. 

These drawings are mainly related to the architecture of a building, the blueprint, or the software design of an application or so. If you are related to the drawing sector, you must have surely used this paper at least once. 

These papers do not fit easily in regular printers and hence there is a method by which it is to be done. We will have a look at it in detail as we proceed further. 

11×17 printers

The printers in which the 11*17 sheets are huge sized. They are made in such a way that you can easily place the 11*17 sheet in it and use it for regular printing. These printers are also used for printing banners, wallpapers, posters, and murals. 

Any large-format art designs and patterns are printed using these printers. They are available to buy online and offline mode. You need to make sure before buying a printer which one will suit you according to your requirements. 

Each brand of printer has a specific use. You can visit the individual printer websites for checking out how they are supposed to be connected to your computer and which brand of printer is used for which type of printing purpose. 

how to print 11x17 sheets on a normal printer

The HP brand can be considered if you are willing to use the printer for printing banners and artwork. 

If you wish to print wallpapers and things that require great detailing, then we recommend you go for the pro version of the printer. You can print in different color modes using these printers. 

You can use the black-and-white format as well as the colored ones. The ink bottles come installed with the printer as they are bought for the first time. If you wish to refill the ink, we recommend that you either buy it from the official website or the walk-in showroom. 

Avoid using colors from any random vendor as it might impact the color printing quality. If original ink is not used there are chances that the printer can break down easily. The ink bottles are affordable and can be used for a long time. 

11×17 color printing

You can use color printing in the 8710 printers. They are categorized in the wide base section. This means that the 11*17 printers are exclusively used for printing designs and patterns that are wide. 

You can print customized wallpaper designs for your bedroom and your living room if you have wide base papers and printers. 

Here is all about how to print 11×17 sheets on a normal printer.


1. How to print an 11×17 paper?

To print an 11*17 paper, follow the guidelines. Click the preferences button and then select the paper tab. Click on the drop-down icon, present next to the paper size button, and select 11*17. Then click on the ok button and then the print button. This will start the printing process. 

2. How to print 11×17?

 To print an 11*17, you need to click on the preferences tab and select the paper or the quality tab. This will lead you to the paper size menu, where from you can select the 11*17 option and then click on the ok button and then the how to print 11×17 sheets on a normal printer print option.