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How To Program A 3d Printer?

how to program a 3d printer

To get your pictures or documents printed by your 3d printer, you must first know how to program a 3d printer. The perfect and on-point programming can help you with easy controlling of your printer and that too smoothly. 

The 3d printer uses g code to get the programming done. The term g-code refers to the fact that the maximum of its codes starts with g. These codes help your printer understand what work has been assigned to do. They help you to access your printer and give instructions that involve how to move, what temperatures to set, and much more. For anyone who is keen to know how to program a 3d printer must know the basic programming code to control the printer. The programmer must have a good grip on the codes before starting with the 3d printer. 

How do you program a 3d printer by using certain codes? 

how to program a 3d printer

There is a list of codes to control your printer. 

  • G28
  • G1
  • G90 and G91
  • G92
  • M140 and M190
  • M106

Memorise how to learn cad for 3d printing

Starting your 3D modeling with AutoCAD is very similar to the 3D modeling with other software. You must start with your sketch that you need to create on your own and then start giving it depth by adding dimensions to it. Cad has got built-in some commonly used 3D figures, such as boxes, cylinders, cones, etc. If you want to use any 3D modeling tool, you should start by enabling the 3D modeling mode in Cad

To enable the 3D modeling mode in Cad, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • You will see a gear icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on this icon. 
  • As soon as you click on the gear icon, a menu option pops up and thus the 3D modeling option is enabled. 
  • After this, the screen reloads and is illustrated with a new set of 3D modeling tools. 

How to program a 3d model yourself? 

3D printing has ceased to function by essentially breaking the whole process into 3 important steps. These important steps include modeling, slicing and ultimately printing. 

The 3D models that are used in 3D printing are created by CAD software. This CAD software stands for computer-aided design. This usage of software has welcomed a lot of advancements to the process of designing and the products being given a touch-up. 

how to program a 3d printer

Here’s a basic guide to help you in the process of how to program a 3d printer, that too first designing your 3d models. 

  • Start with preparing the interface for 3D modeling. On the top toolbar present on the screen, under the 3D modeling view, one must select the viewing option from the dropdown menu. Now, select ten SE isometric views. Now, you have to bring the cursor to the center of the screen and start typing the command ucsicon and click on the enter key.  This will be followed by a drop-down menu where you need to select NO ORIGIN. 
  • Now, you should try to create a basic cube. In the top left-hand corner of the screen, there’s a modeling section present which has an option box. You have to select that menu and choose a predefined shape. 

Here’s how to make plans for a 3d printer

You can start planning your 3d figures for your 3d printer by just using CAD software. This software has actually helped a lot of people from all fields to capture their ideas and give them a certain form digitally. So CAD software has been a thing that you need to start making plans for 3d printers. Here is all about how to program a 3d printer.


1. How long does it take for a 3d printer to start printing?

It can be as quick as 30 minutes or may take as long as 10 days. The bigger your model, the complex process it would take to print. 

2. How to set up a 3d printer?

You can start setting up your printer by learning the g-codes that are used in the printing process as well as installing software that would be required all this while.