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The MP Select Mini 3D Printer V2: High Quality 3D Printing for Home or Business

Mp select mini 3D printer V2

The market has recently been updated with some of the best 3D printers and among them, Mp select mini 3D printer V2 happens to be one as well. In this budget-friendly 3D printer you will get some amazing features that will elevate your printing experiences to the next level.

Mp Select Mini 3D Printer V2 – Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy a 3D printer that offers some great features and also is well within the budget then surely Mp select mini 3D printer V2 is the perfect one to have. This little machine has multiple upgraded features that shall make your 3D printing job much easier to perform. In addition to that, it is widely known to be creating great finishes for 3D printing. If you are a perfectionist this is the best choice for you. 

The features of this 3D printer are very simple to operate. Even if you are a first-time user, you will be able to handle it as efficiently as a professional does. This brand has always made one of the most demanded 3D printers in the market. Now, let us check the reviews of the Mp select mini 3D printer V2 and know more about it in detail.

Mp Select Mini 3D Printer V2 Reviews

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2

Mp select mini 3D printer V2


  • Brand: Monoprice
  • Material: PLA
  • Weight: 13.27 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Pre-Loaded MicroSD Card Along With Printable 3D Models


  • If you research a bit in the market, you will find that the Monoprice mp select mini 3D printer v2 is the best 3D printer available. This 3D printer has been completely calibrated in the factory and comes assembled for you. You will no longer have to struggle with setting it up. All you require to do is to connect this FMD 3D printer to your personal computer, and it is ready to make the prints. The compact size of this Monoprice select mini V2 3D printer also makes it a perfect fit to be used at home very easily. Surely, this is one of the best options for a budget-friendly 3D printer that brings great performance levels.
  • One of the best things about this Monoprice 3D printer is that it is versatile. This 3D printer works using PLA filament and supports a variety of filaments available in the market. Now you no longer have to worry about making 3D prints of a particular type only. It brings full freedom to your creativity. Right from using basic filaments such as PLA and ABS, it is capable of using advanced filaments too. Be it metal or wood composites, or conductive PLA to dissolvable PVA, this 3D printer from Monoprice select mini is capable of handling everything with great ease and perfection.


  • Undoubtedly, this time this Monoprice mini V2 3D printer has undergone multiple upgrades so that it is capable of performing much better than the previous model. Usually, most 3D printers come assembled one often has to struggle for hours with fitting its different parts following the unclear technical instructions in the manual. But here with this Monoprice select V2 model, you will not have to face such issues. This 3D printer already undergoes the process of calibration in the factory and gets completely assembled before reaching the customer’s house. 
  • Quite similar to this, there is another model of the 3D printer under the same brand which is the Monoprice mini delta 3D printer. Here in this Monoprice mini delta V2 3D printer touch screen control panel has been given to make it easier for beginners to use. This too comes completely assembled and has mode of wifi connectivity as well. the design of this 3D printer has been kept open source so that it becomes easier for you to operate. Noise is something people complain about mostly about a 3D printer but this model is capable of printing in low noise mode.
  • Coming back to the discussion about the modifications in this Mp select mini 3D printer you will get a free PLA filament sample along with it too while buying. In addition to that, a pre-loaded MicroSD card having 3D printable models is given too. This makes it much easier for you now in choosing your 3D prints. 
  • Compactness of any printer matters a lot because it elevates the printing performance. And where 3D printers are concerned compactness matters even more because it helps to bring out the best 3D prints. This Mp select mini V2 3D printer has been given a compact design to it too making it easily fit your personal computer. It has a small footprint with basic features that makes it very easy to use for beginners. The compact size of it also takes up very less space and due to this, you can even use it in your home as well. The open frame design in this Monoprice 3D printer V2 further makes it easy to operate while the printing process is on.


  • Using this 3D printer is very simple. Just by following the technical specifications mentioned in the user manual, you can comfortably handle this 3D printer. All FMD 3D printers have an open-source design and this 3D printer is no different as well. The open-source design creates ample space around it making it easier to operate. In addition to that, all open-source designed 3D printers are capable of handling multiple filaments. It is more versatile and offers greater freedom as well.
  • This 3D printer too is capable of handling a variety of materials. Be it the PLA or ABS it can handle them with ease. Furthermore to that, it can even handle more advanced materials too right from wood, conductive PLA, and metal composites, to dissolvable PVA as well. All this is possible because the heated print bed of this 3D printer is capable of handling a wide variety of temperatures for extruders. Due to this factor, this 3D printer is more versatile than many other brands.
  • Talking about versatility, this 3D printer is compatible with Mac and your personal computer too. It is even adaptable to multiple software which work perfectly with it. Be it the Repetier or Cura, the Mp select mini 3D printer V2 software is capable of handling these and a lot more. Surely this 3D printer is capable of making all types of 3D prints which seems unattainable by many other 3D printers. The reason for this is that the temperature of the extruder can handle more than two hundred and fifty degrees centigrade. This allows greater flexibility in handling different 3D printing materials.
  • It is the best 3D printer which comes at a very low cost and is always print-ready. Surely it does break the myth that not all lesser costly things are low grade too. It has a compact single-frame design to it and is not of much weight as well. You can easily place it on the work table of your home and use it without any hassles. The Mp select mini 3D printer V2 glass bed comes already pre-leveled too so you do not have to struggle with it. Before you make the 3D prints, you got to ensure once is that, if it is still in place and haven got moved during the transit.
  • The aluminum build plate which has already been calibrated in the factory builds stability to this 3D printer while it is operating. Due to this factor, the 3D printer exerts less jerky movements and you get a perfectly printed result. China has indeed given a great list of 3D printers to its users and this is surely one of the best ones that have great printing performance, speed, and resolution as well. 3D printers always suffer overheating and this leads to damage in its various parts along with damage to the final print too. But here with this 3D printer, you will get cooling fans to save the printer from getting overheated. It even operates very silently, keeping the noise levels low.
  • The nozzle in this 3D printer has been made using aluminum. Aluminum has a high endurance to extreme heat and so, it protects the print head from getting damaged due to being overheated during extrusion. In addition to that, it is further supported by the filament feeder made of steel gear for quick release of heat and also the filaments during extrusion. The diameter of the extruder is 0.4mm which adds to perfect extrusion. Not only shall you find the cooling fan for the nozzle but also a cooling fan for the mainboard as well. Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief that there are lesser chances of short circuits or even the 3D printer catching fire, due to these fans. 


  • Fully Assembled 3D printer
  • Mac And Windows Compatible
  • Best Budget 3D printer


  • Diagnostic Tools Are Not Provided

What’s New?

  • A great many additions have been made to this Monoprice 3D printer V2 so that you can get a better user experience than the previous one. If you look at its weight, it weighs only 13.27 pounds making it very easy to carry. In addition to that, the single-frame open design helps you to operate very easily too creating ample space all around it. This 3D printer is capable of handling a variety of materials and filaments this time. 
  • Dual cooling fans are given this time so that it can keep the nozzle cool and also the mainboard so that accidents and shortcuts can be avoided. The printer comes completely assembled this time as well. Gone are your days of struggling to assemble the 3D printer. After you buy this 3D printer all you got to do is to connect it either to Mac or Windows operating system, and the printer is ready to function. 3.7 inches of the color screen has been given this time too so that it becomes very easy to navigate across the different features and elevate your printing experience to the next level.

Why Should You Buy It?

Without a second guess, the Monoprice mini 3D printer is the best budget-friendly yet top-performing 3D printer that you can take home. This 3D printer is already very popular amongst its users and is a bestselling 3D printer in the market. There are many reasons which make it a revolutionary one in the industry too. When we look at a 3D printer what do we first notice? It is the looks, right? This model has been made out of a single frame and has a compact look to it. It is always good to have a compact 3D printer because it brings along multiple benefits with it.

And likewise, this 3D printer too has many benefits. Th small body of this 3D printer makes it fit anywhere easily and so it also makes a great option for home use too. It also comes calibrated and pre-assembled from the factory and so all you need to do after buying it is to connect it with either Mac or Windows and start printing. Having the capacity of handling multiple filaments too is a big advantage. This allows you to create a variety of models supported by its open-source design for greater flexibility. Surely, this is a very advanced 3D printer and is within a very reasonable budget too making it the perfect choice for you to buy.


1. Which firmware is used in the Mp select mini 3D printer V2?

The Mp select mini 3D printer V2 uses the V40 software version.

2. What is the print speed of the Monoprice 3D printer?

Different models of the Monoprice 3D printer have different speeds to them. In general, the print speed limit of these 3D printers ranges somewhere between 100 mm per second to 170 mm per second.