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Sawgrass SG500 Review: An In-Depth Look at the Features and Benefits

sawgrass SG500 review

Sawgrass SG500 review brings you the details and complete product research that shall help you to understand this sublimation printer better. Know about this printer in-depth before you buy your next best sublimation printer.

Sawgrass SG500 review


Product brand: Sawgrass

Color: White

Compatible devices: printer

Printing technology: sublimation

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 14 x 1 inches

Other factors: USB


This sawgrass sg500 sublimation printer review lets you know about the sublimation printer that gives a perfect start to your personalization. It is the only desktop printer that has been designed to meet the requirements of sublimation only. It gives your business a low startup running cost by creating customized products having vibrant HD images. This sawgrass 500 review tells you how this printer lets you have a quick, easy, and profitable printing experience.


The sawgrass sg500 sublimation printer comes having an entire set of SUBLIGET-UHD ink and 330 sheets of 8.5 x 14 inches. Further than this, you also get to learn from this sawgrass virtuoso sg 500 reviews that you get 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty as you buy this printer. This is the updated version of the previous model which had a compact footprint and rugged reliability. 


Sawgrass sg500 how to use tells you that this sublimation printer has been designed to minimize power and ink consumption while maximizing efficiency and quality. You can be able to create high-definition images at a much lower cost. Having the single-roll bar gives you more energy-efficient prints with higher resolution and WIFI connectivity. The expert color management software allows you to choose from customized profiles for the best color output.  


  • Expert color management software
  • Maximized efficiency and quality
  • WIFI enabled



What’s new?

This review on sawgrass sg500 let you know that this model of the sublimation printer is backward compatible with the previous version of the machine. So, you can comfortably use the same accessories with it. Like, if you have the bypass tray of the previous model you can easily use it with this printer. It shall allow you to print media up to 51 inches long. Like all other models of printers belonging to this brand, this printer to has the ability to perform automatically its own maintenance cycle. This gives you a trouble-free sublimation printing experience. 

Why you should buy it? 

This is surely the best sublimation printer that you can choose to buy. The manufacturer helps you to unleash your creativity by having the support of their creative studio. You can easily be able to design your products with the help of artwork and templates from their network of global designs. This is the only graphic design software that has been purely made to meet the purposes of sublimation printing. As you buy this Sawgrass printer, you shall get access to their creative design studio. 

This sublimation printer has been given expert color management software in its print manager. It is easier to use giving you the option of choosing from its preset optimal color output. It shall help you streamline the production workflows from every standard software design including the creative studio.

This sublimation printer also gives you world-class ink which has been crafted by experts. They always focus on providing you with a printer that shall give you consistency, quality, and reliability. This is the reason why they have brought in perfection in the process of making consistent colors to maximize the potential of the ink that is optimized for the printer. It is certain that you shall get the best results only each time you use this exclusive sublimation printer.


1. Do I require to buy refillable cartridges or do they provide them?

You shall not be able to refill the original cartridges of ink for sawgrass sublimation printers. You have to buy them again once they are over.

2. Can I get the white ink print from this printer?

No, this sublimation printer does not provide the white ink print. The ink colors that you can have from it are black, magenta, cyan, and yellow.