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What is a CISS DTG Printer?

what is a ciss dtg printer

DTG printers have been the talk of the printing town for a while now. Unlike the printing methods of yesteryear, DTG printers are known to produce long-lasting and quality prints on garments and textiles. So if you’re wondering what is a ciss dtg printer then it is a relatively new direct-to-garment printing method that goes by various names such as inkjet to garment printing, digital apparel printing, and digital garment printing. It is known to produce excellent and high-quality artwork that has the ability to retain its originality for years to come. 

What is a dtg print

what is a ciss dtg printer

DTG printing can be regarded as the method of printing graphics onto garments and textiles using modified inkjet technology that allows you to print anything you want on the concerned material. It is new to the printing industry and offers a lot of variations as compared to other printing methods. DTG printing does not require any setup time and the entire print design will be printed in the garment in one single session.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of creating individual screens or checking the number of colors that are involved. You can skip all of these hassles and print on the garment right away. This also makes it time-saving and cost-effective. Learning what is a dtg print and how to use it is necessary to ensure that you can use this modern printing technology efficiently. 

Benefits Of DTG Printing 

DTG printing eliminates the need to follow traditional labor-intensive procedures because it makes use of inkjet printing technology which allows you to print by sending a full-color and detailed design to a digital printer directly from the computer after loading a garment into it. 

  • Unlimited coloring options

With DTG printing, you do not have to compromise on the color of the print design. Unlike traditional printing, DTG printing allows you to experiment with colors and add many varieties of colors without limiting your options. 

  • Faster output 

Since DTG printing eliminates the need for you to use various materials and resources, you can print on the garment using bulk ink cartridges easily and enjoy the faster output of the designs.

  • Meet market trends 

When you are able to print the design on the garment quickly, you will be able to meet the market trends faster too. You also do not have to limit your design and coloring options which allows you to enhance your efficiency.

  • Quick and easy reprints 

Along with being cost-effective and time-saving, through DTG printing, you can also enjoy faster and easy reprints. If you want to reprint a design, you do not have to go through the hassle of setting up various tools. 

  • Easy setup 

You do not need to consider putting a lot of effort into setting up a DTG printer as all you need is bulk printer ink following which, you can print any kind of design on the garment. 

  • Reduced labor and resources 

Since DTG printing is facilitated by modern technology, you do not have to make use of labor-intensive procedures. You can simply rely on the machine to complete the task efficiently. This reduces the resources you need to utilize as well as the efforts you need to put into the process. 

Final Thoughts 

what is a ciss dtg printer

Now that you are aware of what is a ciss system for printers and its benefits, be sure to make efficient use of this modern printing technology. It is a highly effective printing technology that allows you to print designs quickly while offering various coloring options as well. 


1. What is dtg t shirt printing?

DTG T-shirt printing refers to a T-shirt printing method that is done using inkjet technology and is known to produce high-quality results. 

2. Is DTG better than screen printing?

The main strength of DTG printing over screen printing is that it is able to produce high quality and print on demand effectively. Therefore, it is regarded to be better than screen printing.