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What Printer Prints 11×17 Paper?

what printer prints 11x17 paper

The 11 x 17 printer paper is a wide format sheet size that’s been used to print large documents and blueprints. Due to the wide size of these papers are much more clearly visible. So many industries and corporations use these papers to print important documents, charts, and blueprints. However, not all printers can print on these white format sheets. So do you know what printer prints 11×17 paper? 

In this post, we are going to see a printer that can print on 11 x 17 papers. Before going that, it let us see more about these 11 x 17 size papers. 

These papers are called tabloid papers. Lava x17 all the dimensions of peace papers. These tabloid papers for much larger than the standard if you see papers. Most of the printers that we have in our homes and offices can only print up to a4 size papers, so with these typical printers, we cannot print on papers of this specific dimension. 

So we will need printers that are compatible with printing on 11 x 17 sheet size papers. Latest see the printer that has exceptional printing qualities, and that can print on white format sheet sizes.

HP Designjet T210 Large Format Printer

what printer prints 11x17 paper

HP Designjet T2100 is an extremely large format printer. It is used by many companies that require print large format designs on lodge papers. The reason we consider this specific printer as the best printer to print 11 x 17 sheet size papers is the quality of the prince. The printing quality of this printer is astonishing as it produces high-definition prints in a short period of time. Apart from the high-quality printing capability of this printer, there are numerous other significant features that make this printer stand out from the crowd. So let us review the product features one by one so that we understand the printer’s full potential.

Printing Technology

The printer uses thermal inkjet printing Technology, which is generally used to print large format sheets. Thermal inkjet printers are also known as bubble Jet printers because these printers use thermal energy to heat up the printer’s ink and apply it on the target surface, such as the 11 x 17 paper. The printer uses electricity to create thermal energy. 

Thermal inkjet printing technology is popular among large format printers because it requires only a small amount of ink to complete the process. It is the cheapest printing option, but the speed of the printer will be higher than printers with other printing Technology, such as laser and ordinary inkjet printers. So with the HP Designjet T210, you can print 11 x 17 sheet size papers at a very low cost.


This is the right printer if you are looking for precise printing output. Because the printer can print high-definition technical line drawings, which require much more precise rendering and activate line quality, you can use this printer to print much respect text, maps, posters, and even professional sewing patterns. The printer has enhanced line accuracy, which is 31 % more precise than other printers at the same price.

The printer is more popular among engineers and Architects because these professions need a printer that can print with maximum decision line quality. It is the best printer you want to print blue Prince designs charts and graphs that requires maximum accuracy. The printer is ideal for all kinds of tasks the truck tries to print on 11 x 17 sheet size papers. 


what printer prints 11x17 paper

Apart from the printing capabilities of the printers, a printer should be able to be connected easily. In other words, a printer should have various types of connectivity features so that we can connect to the printer through various devices. The HP Designjet T2100 has multiple connectivity features, which include high-speed USB 2.0, ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. 

You can connect to printer VR wired and wireless connections. You can also connect multiple devices to this printer at the same time. You can also remove the assigned printing tasks so that you can increase productivity.

Printing Speed

The printing speed of this model is pretty low. Can only print 1.3 pages per minute, given that the size of the paper is 24 inches. So if you are printing 11 x 17 inches wide paper, it would take approximately 30 to 45 seconds to print a single tabloid paper. 

The printing speed of this printer might seem low, but the printer focuses on the quality of the prints rather than the quantity that it can yield by compromising its accurate printing capability. Since the printer focuses on the Precision of each and every line and even dot of the print, it only takes some more time compared to other printers. It also has 500 GB of internal memory so that you can assign multiple tasks. 

User Friendliness

The HP printer allows one-click printing from anywhere using our mobile device or computer. We can also connect this printer to our smartphones, laptops, or even tablets via a Wi-Fi network. You can use the HP smart app to manage and assign tasks to the printer without even getting up from your desk. This saves a lot of time and effort, and its only increases productivity.

Warranty & Support

Usually, printers are troublesome devices that require constant maintenance and repairs. Being a large format printer would require much more maintenance cost than in normal printer would require. So if any malfunction arises due to defective parts, it will cost a fortune to replace those parts to make the printer functional again. That is why the company has offered a one-year Limited Warranty on hardware which will allow us to replace the defective parts for no cost. 

The company also offers a dedicated customer support team to address our queries and provide us with working solutions. The customer support team will be available 24 x 7 to resolve your issues.

Here is all about what printer prints 11×17 paper.