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What the Best Way to Run a DTG Printer?

what the best way to run a dtg printer

DTG Printing stands for Direct To Garment Printing, where the printing is done with the help of a DTG printer directly on the garment. Many people want to customise their garments, and this is where the DTG Printer comes into play. Many people have encountered the term DTG printer. But what the best way to run a DTG printer?

The DTG printing technology is familiar to the people who customise their t-shirts from along. The garments like t-shirts can be customized using screen printing and DTG printing. However, the DTG printing technology is more advanced and easy to use, and that’s why DTG printers are widely used for customizing garments.

what the best way to run a dtg printer

The DTG printer applies the ink on the apparel surface, unlike screen printing. In the case of screen printing, the printer uses the ink on the fabric with the help of a stencil. Thanks to the technological improvements, now more complex designs can be easily printed on the materials, mentioning every detail ideally.

How does DTG Printer Works?

Don’t confuse the DTG printing technology with the cheap quality prints on the t-shirts, which fades away with a single wash. The DTG printing technology is an advanced methodology in which the artwork on the fabric is done precisely to remain for a long time. The artwork done over a t-shirt with the help of DTG technology will not fade for years.

The DTG printer uses modified inkjet technology to print complex designs directly on your t-shirts or desired fabric. You can relate the DTG printer as an inkjet printer, but for t-shirts. The DTG printer uses advanced technology to print out more than 16 million colours on your desired fabric over a single pass.

Unlike screen printers, DTG printers have zero set-ups or initialization time. You can directly print any garment without waiting. Moreover, the new technology DTG printers can print a large quantity of fabric in a single go. In short words, the DTG printers are more versatile and efficient when printing on t-shirts.

How Much Does It Cost To Print A Dtg Shirt

The DTG printer and its technology are well-known among users who are into customizing their t-shirts and other garments. The DTG printers are widely used worldwide for their precise printing technique. As mentioned previously, the printer can print 16 million colours in a single go, which is not possible with other existing garment printing technologies.

Coming to the cost, the cost of printing a t-shirt on a DTG printer depends upon several factors. Mainly, the cost of the printing relies on the size of the print, and the larger the print size will, the greater the price will be. Moreover, the cost of the printing also depends upon the associated technology with the DTG printer. 

What Can You Print With A Dtg Printer

what the best way to run a dtg printer

The DTG printer is introduced to overcome the shortcomings of screen printing. The screen printing technology can be regarded as manual printing technology and requires a lot of work and time. However, the DTG printer can print complex designs on a shirt without any issue.

Generally, the DTG printers are used for printing designs on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants etc. Other than garments, the DTG printer can print designs efficiently on fabrics. Here is all about what the best way to run a DTG printer.


1. How does the Dtg Printer Works?

The working of a DTG printer is similar to the inkjet printer, installed in-home or office. However, the DTG printer uses fabric instead of paper for printing purposes. The DTG printer uses digital printing technology to print designs on the fabric. Moreover, the printer takes a couple of minutes to print the fabric’s designs.

2. How To Do Dtg Printing At Home?

For printing customized t-shirts or garments, you can install a DTG printer directly in your home. However, there are several alternatives present on the web, using which you can do DTG printing. You can use a curling dryer, pretreat machine, and heat-press to make perfectly DTG printed t-shirts at your home. But remember that you can replicate the print quality of a DTG printer.