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When I Plug The Dtg Base Into My Printer It Says Close Cartridge Cover

when i plug the dtg base into my printer it says close cartridge cover

Most people have been greatly impressed by the idea of quick and reliable digital printing. The inkjet printers used for DTG are advanced and programmed with software that tells you if there is any problem to fix. So, when you see, when I plug the dtg base into my printer it says close cartridge cover, you should not ignore it. Among all the printer classes, these inkjet printers are quick to identify the core problem and fix it before going for further printing. 

These days, printers come with self-analyses software that displays error messages to avoid breaking down an inside element. You should not ignore such details and check for the lights, beeps, and messages on the screen for confirmation. However, in most cases, these messages are displayed for errors like incomplete head cleaning, low battery, incomplete ink drying, ink charging, etc. Therefore, you must wait for the processes to finish and then resume the printing process. Let us understand when I plug the dtg base into my printer it says to close the cartridge cover better.

The cartridge errors and solutions

when i plug the dtg base into my printer it says close cartridge cover

There can be a series of situations when your cartridge is not properly set or not working in line, due to which the errors occur. Some of these common issues are- empty ink cartridges, ink cartridges with the wrong product code, unmatched ink cartridges, CSIC errors, ink cartridges not installed, ink lever in the wrong position, etc. What you can do is remove and reinstall the ink cartridge properly and check again. Most problems can be dealt with if you align the printer parts properly and they do not strike against each other while moving. 

Some of the common ink and tank issues can be displayed like, the maintenance tank full, both levers raised left ink lever raised, the right ink lever raised, the paper lever in the released position, paper jammed in the compartment, and the maintenance tank is in the wrong position, etc. All these problems require you to carefully set the levers and move them into secured positions. Also, leave for a while to see if the changes have been made or not. 

when i plug the dtg base into my printer it says close cartridge cover

For the covered parts in the printer, if you see when I plug the dtg base into my printer it says close cartridge cover, the top cover is open, or the rear cover is open, you should simply close the covers and maintain the ink from drying out completely. Make sure all the cartridges have been set in their positions correctly. 

Here is all about when I plug the dtg base into my printer it says close the cartridge cover.


1. Why does the printer not work after replacing ink cartridges?

For most printers, when they do not work even after replacing the cartridge, you can assume that the ink cartridge has not been recognized. Other possibilities include a lesser amount of ink, printer model and cartridge mismatch, or an empty ink slot. With the new models, this detection takes lesser time, you have to hold the ink button. Also, when the ink in one cartridge finishes, it needs to be refilled or changed with a reset chip.

2. Why is the printer connected but not working?

In this case, when the printer s connected but not working, you can go with any of the three solutions. First, check your product and see if the system is on (running). Secondly, you can start the printer documentation by following the steps in the manual and installing the products’ exclusive network software. As the settings have been changed, you can check them to start printing the new batch.

3. What to do when the printer says cartridge error?

There can be various reasons for your printer to stop working, so you need to be patient and follow the given steps to check and reset it. Remove the battery of the printer if you can, and then remove the power cord from the device and the power source. Wait for a few minutes and then reconnect the power cord to the outlet and the printer. The reset is almost done by now, so turn on the printer for work. You can also press and hold the start button to reset it and then see the ink cartridge settings for more changes.