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Which Arduino to Buy for DIY DTG Printer?

which ardruino to buy for diy dtg printer

Having the appropriate Arduino for your DIY DTG printer shall make your job a lot easier to perform. While reading about which Arduino to buy for DIY DTG printer shall help you to understand this technical term and also guide you about the one to meet your purposes as well.


The term Arduino refers to the electronic platform having open-source software and a board that is used for the need and purposes of programming. Arduino has been designed in order to make electronics much more user-friendly and accessible for designers, artists, hobbyists, and for everyone who is keen on creating interactive environments and objects. This is the reason that makes the Arduino DTG printer a very resourceful one for the purpose of printing on garments.

which Arduino to buy for DIY DTG printer

You can easily either pre-assemble, purchase or even build these Arduino boards as they have hardware designs that are open source. Either way, you can easily be able to adapt these boards to their needs as well as distribute and update their versions as well. 

Because the pre-assembled Arduino boards include the microcontroller so it comes programmed having the Arduino language for programming and the Arduino development environment as well.  So, this is a platform that creates a way for building and programming electronic components.

If you break this Arduino programming language you shall find that it is nothing but a much simpler form of the C/C++ language of programming which is based on the term called Sketches. It uses the basic functions, variables, and programming structures for its functioning. And then it is converted to the C++ program.

There are multiple other open-source projects for prototyping like processing and wiring that gives the underpinnings to the Arduino technology. Even the development kit for the Google android open accessory is supported by Arduino.

Which Arduino to buy for the DIY DTG printer

Now let us give a look into which Arduino to buy for beginners. Arduino UNO R3 surely is the best one for the purpose of your DIY DTG printer at the beginner level. 

Arduino UNO R3

Undoubtedly it is the best board at the beginners level that you can start with for the purpose of meeting your coding and electronics. Since this is your first experience with making the DYI DTG printer so, UNO is the board you can expect to get the most support from in meeting your purpose.

It is a robust board that makes it very much easier for you to function using it as a hobbyist for DTG printing. In fact, in the entire Arduino family, UNO happens to be the most widely used and documented board. UNO is versatile and has been developed with a software tool that is appropriate for both beginners and advanced users and is very much economical as well.


UNO happens to be a microcontroller board that works on the functions of ATmega328P. It comprises fourteen digital pins serving the purposes of both input and output features. Six pins out of these fourteen can be used for the PWM outputs. Along with these digital fourteen output pins for input and output, there are six analog inputs, USB connectors, a sixteen MHz ceramic resonator, a power jack, a reset button, and also an ICSP header.

It brings you everything that you shall require for supporting the microcontroller. You can connect it either to a printer or a computer very easily using a USB cable or can even power it with the battery and even an AC to DC adapter and set it to perform. You can easily access your UNO and even do many trials as well without having any worries about making some errors.

Even during the worst situation also the maximum you have to do is to buy a new chip only spending a few dollars and replace it and continue with your task again. This robust quality makes it the very appropriate one to be used for your DIY DTG printing.

This ATmega328P brings you the classic high in performance but low in the consumption of power microcontroller AVR. In addition to that, it also features the 1kb EEPROM, which saves the documents in its memory and prevents them from getting erased the time of power cuts.  The Arduino UNO comes having a barrel plug connector, it supports the regular 9V battery. The advantage ofhaving it is that you can replace the chip at any time very easily whenever the need arises because it is never soldered on the board but has been inserted freely for easier maneuverability. 


which Arduino to buy for DIY DTG printer

It has been provided with cloud and software compatibility such as the Arduino IDE, web editor, and Arduino CLI, which helps you program your board conveniently.

The performance quality

It develops the coordination between the hardware and the software very easily making it just the appropriate one for DTG printing purposes. Compactness and simplicity are the main feature of it that helps to make it a very adaptable one with the features of the printer. Furthermore to that, it is also compatible with different operating systems as well.

These boards have a wide variety which easily enables them to take care of the various requirements of the users. Due to its versatility and adaptive nature, thousands of developers all over the world and millions of DTG printing enthusiasts choose it more over the other models. You can easily buy the Arduino UNO within a very affordable range and get it connected very easily to the sensors and the operating systems of your printer.

It shall eliminate your need for the costlier DAQ cards. The program memory or the flash space as it is called is available on the chip and you can use it for saving your sketches and prints. Surely this is the most user-friendly and compatible Arduino that you can find for your DTG printer purposes.