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Which Xerox Laser Printer Prints Up to 11×17 – Get the Best Quality Printer for Your Needs!

which xerox laser printer prints up to 11x17

Xerox wide format laser printers are also one of the best wide format laser printers that you can find. While you learn about which Xerox laser printer prints up to 11×17 you shall get a good view of the capacity of its prints and also the network connectivity features of this machine. Not only shall this help you to understand this printer in a better way but also you shall gain better control over it as well. 

Wide format printing and its features

With the advancement of technology, printing technology has also advanced rapidly in the last few years. No longer the printing format is only limited to the regular print size, but there has been an upward shift in its paradigm. Now more often people from specialized industries and creative industries require need for tabloid prints. Tabloid papers support 11×17 format prints that are much larger in dimension than the regular size, which is done by various big branded printers and is popularly called wide format printing.

These wide format printers are generally the normal regular printers that not only print the regular sizes but also have the capacity of printing the 11×17 format. These printers are in two forms. The inkjet printer and the 11×17 laser printer.

Which xerox laser printer prints up to 11×17

Laser printers play a very important role in wide format printing.  Not only shall you get only the monochrome laser printer for this purpose but also there is the option for the 11×17 color laser printer as well. The primary feature of these laser 11×17 printers are their speed, the paper handling capacity, and their resolution. This laser 11×17 color printer creates the image using an array of fine dots which makes it very distinct and of great quality. It makes 11×17 color printing very smoothly and cuts down on the noise. This is also the reason that makes this 11×17 printer the most preferred one to be used in offices.

Apart from the speed, resolution, and paper handling capacity, these laser printers have a long service life as well. It performs equally well on all formats of printing including the 11×17 making it a much more economical printer. The speed and resolution of the laser printers always need to be of higher quality or else the 11×17 prints shall never turn perfect.

So this is the reason why these printers are always provided with the best technological resources in meeting their criteria. And this is why laser printers make great options too where wide format printing is concerned are much more helpful. Because wide format printing opens up a lot of benefits and options, so, the features of laser printers are always preferred by people more, to meet this requirement of printing standards. Xerox laser printer 11×17 is surely one of the best printers to meet this requirement.

Xerox 11×17 laser printer

If you wish to buy the best performing wide format laser printer then surely the Xerox Phaser 7800DN color tabloid laser printer is the perfect one for you. What makes this Xerox 11×17 laser printer so dynamic and different is its inbuilt technology. This printer is very much more advanced than most other printers having similar nature. It can not only give you the perfect 11×17 print but is able to expand its expertise up to the extent of 12×18 inches of media documents as well. This is one of the most versatile and professional laser printers to have.

This laser printer operates through wired connectivity technology making the connection stable while the process of printing is on. Using professional color management technology gives you an unmatched quality of colored prints with the best media flexibility in the industry. This laser printer is able to give you a monochrome print speed of up to 20 ppm and a color print speed of up to 45 ppm.

This printer delivers you the full complement of advanced capacities which is required by the most graphic-intensive environments. It efficiently produces large volumes of output having a higher resolution with 133 GHz or 2GB capacity. This printer makes the wide format printing a breeze. Not only can you expect it to deliver you high-quality of 11×17 prints but if you ask for more you are sure to get that as well. It can even deliver 12×18 inches of prints as well as having the same quality, speed, and precision.

Xerox is surely a reliable brand to trust. The excess usage of your ink and the waste on misprints gets taken care of with the auto duplex print facilities of this printer. It also has a printing resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 which is also great as per the industry standards. This printer has a duty cycle of 225000 and also gives you a standard input capacity of paper of 620 sheets which further can be expanded up to 3140 sheets as well. Each minute it can print you up to forty-five pages of print, which is indeed a massive rate of performance.

This refurbished model of the desktop wide format laser printer is a workhorse. Along with giving you a greater degree of performance capacity, it also has a durable body that makes this printer last for many active years. While the paper input tray holds a ratio of 1:520 sheets, the bypass tray has a capacity of a hundred sheets. The complete wide format printing solution with high-quality prints and speed makes this laser printer a highly in-demand machine among users.

Alongside having USB network connectivity, it brings you touchscreen features as well. this makes it very much easier to navigate the printer. This combination of unmatched power and performance right at your fingertips makes you have print after print having the same upgraded quality.  The advanced technology features ensure there is no occurrence of lag or even paper jams. It is surely one of the best printers to have for wide format printing.