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Why Can’t I Select 11×17 Paper Size for Epson Workforce Printer?

Why Can't I Select 11x17 Paper Size for Epson Workforce Printer

Why Can’t I Select 11×17 Paper Size for Epson Workforce Printer? There can be many reasons behind it. Many users face this problem while printing. While this is a common problem that most of us face, we need to find out the reason why it happens in the first place. 

The printers that we buy nowadays are mostly wireless. Wireless printers run through Wi-Fi or via a Bluetooth connection. This makes it easy and convenient for the users to operate from any place in a home and can also access this device through different gadgets, with the likes as computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Wireless printers, as the name suggests do not require any wire to secure a connection with another device. However, these wireless devices can be connected to a laptop or mobile phone with a USB cable or an Ethernet cable. 

Why Can't I Select 11x17 Paper Size for Epson Workforce Printer

The normal and traditional printers on the other hand require cables to get connected with other devices and multiple gadgets can access these printers for printing. These printers have to be kept in a definite place inside a home along with the desktop. 

There are some times when we cannot select a paper size for printing. The reasons can be plenty but finding out the exact problem is the key. Once you figure out the problem, the rest can be managed easily. 

The first reason for the question “Why Can’t I Select 11×17 Paper Size for Epson Workforce Printer?” is-


Although most of the Epson Workforce Printers are capable of printing 11×17 paper size documents, there are a few models of this printer that may not be compatible with printing it. Thus, it is always better to check the user manual, just to make sure whether the printing device can print the document or not. 

The other reasons can be-

Outdated Drivers

Drivers play a very crucial part in printing. Epson Workforce Printers may face the issue of outdated drivers which can lead to improper function of the printer. In that case, always download a new driver or update the old one and then check whether the printer is showing the same problem or not. 

Power Connection

Often, we make this mistake. In many cases even though we open our laptop or desktop but we forget to power on the printing devices. So, before printing, always check if the printer has its power on or off. 

Network Connection

In wireless printers, the connection is secured through Wi-fi and Bluetooth. Although we find it convenient but we have to check whether the network connection or the signal strength is strong or not. Both the devices should run on the same network and should be in close proximity. In many cases, weak signal strengths or network connections result in improper functions in a printer. this may especially happen during bad weather. 

A user can also check by connecting the printer with a USB cable. However, he needs to make sure that both the ends of the cable are well attached to the devices. Here is all about why can’t I select 11×17 paper size for Epson workforce printer.

Loading Problem

Why Can't I Select 11x17 Paper Size for Epson Workforce Printer

The users have a common tendency of printing multiple documents or printing through multiple devices through a printer at a time. This can also be another reason for not functioning properly. Always make sure that the papers are properly inserted into the paper tray of the printers. Multiple printing in a single printing device at a time can also lead to paper jamming. 

If the above-mentioned points and reasons are not the cause for the malfunction of the Epson Workforce Printer, then the user should contact the customer care service to help him find out the solution to the problem. If the device is outdated, it can be replaced by a new one if it is within the warranty period. 

Here is all about Why Can’t I Select 11×17 Paper Size for Epson Workforce Printer.


1. Can My Epson Workforce Printer Not Select Paper Due to Lack of Ink?

It is always a possibility. Lack of ink or if the ink has got dried up, then replace it with a new cartridge or fill ink in the old cartridge and see if the problem is occurring again or not.