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Why Does My Ricoh Printer Scan in 11×17 on its Own?

why does my Ricoh printer scan in 11x17 on its own

You might have recently bought the scanning printer of the Ricoh brand. If you why does my Ricoh printer scan in 11×17 on its own needs troubleshooting for printing and scanning on its own, dive deep into the article straight away. 

Troubleshoot your printer now

why does my Ricoh printer scan in 11x17 on its own

If your printer scans on its own whenever powered on, you need to troubleshoot the why does my Ricoh printer scan in 11×17 on its printer at the earliest. To do so, below are the few steps that you need to follow while troubleshooting. 

Go to the settings menu of your computer and click on the printer tab. From there you can choose the necessary scan settings on the initial screen. After that, click on the program key and press the programs as default. 

Press on the programs option. As soon as you click on this option, a confirmation window will appear. Press on the ok button and then click on the apply option. The confirmed settings will be applied to the printer. 

You can now restart the printer and the computer. The respective settings will be applied as you start printing and scanning from the next time onwards. 

Printer in auto scan mode

A lot of times when we use the printer for scanning, what we do is select the recursive option for printing which means it puts the printer in automatic scanning mode. So the next time, whenever the printer is powered on, the default mode is the scanning mode./ 

This is why the printer starts automatically scanning and printing your documents. To prevent this, you need to change the respective settings on your computer after connecting to the printer. As you restart the printer after changing the settings, then it will be back to normal mode. 

There is nothing to be worried about if your printer starts in scanning mode. It can always be changed in the settings menu. You can follow the steps for the same. If you face any other major issues after buying the printer, make sure that you report the same to the shop from where you have bought it and make a written complaint to the official website. 

If the issue is resolvable, you will be notified or you will get a replacement of the printer. The automatic scanning issue arises with a lot of new users as they are not aware of the default mode of the printer. 

The automatic scan mode makes the printer in default mode as it continues scanning every other document. The HP printers are suitable for scanning, copying, and printing various format files and documents. 

They provide you with the best quality printing at a low and affordable cost. We recommend you to buy one of these printers as it makes your routine work a lot easier. Here is all about why does my Ricoh printer scan in 11×17 on its own.

Troubleshooting cost 

why does my Ricoh printer scan in 11x17 on its own

The cost for troubleshooting your printer is almost null if you follow the instructions given above, if there is any other major issue, then you will be informed of the same by the printer brand. 

The printer can be troubleshot using the computer. Before troubleshooting, make sure that you are connected to a wireless network. You might have to repair the printer and boot it. During the booting procedure, your printer needs to be connected to an active Internet connection for setup. 

You only need to troubleshoot a printer, when you continuously face any issue. If you regularly use the printer, then you must make a routine why does my Ricoh printer scan in 11×17 on its own troubleshoot every 3 to 4 months, or else one troubleshooting every 6 months should be fine? 

Here is all bout why does my Ricoh printer scan in 11×17 on its own.


1. Why my printer does automatically runs into the scanning mode? 

The printer automatically runs into the scanning mode as it is the default mode of the printer. You can change the settings from the settings menu present on your computer. You can either choose to move the printer to default mode after every print or can choose to keep it in the print mode even before and after the printing.