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The Best DTG Printer for Small Business – Get Professional Quality Printing at an Affordable Price

best DTG printer for small business

Do you know, the current DTG technology is much more advanced than before? Now with the best DTG printer for small business, you can make DTG prints with greater perfection and ease. It processes the prints using special aqueous inkjet technology. Check the details while buying yourself a new one.



Original Prusa i3 MK3S+

  • Consistent High Quality Prints

  • Easy To Use Software

  • Supports Multiple Type Filaments

Genuine Prusa SL1 3D Printer

  • Intuitive Menu System For Easy Navigation

  • Sturdy Built Quality

  • Multiple Connectivity Options

Original Prusa i3 MMU2S

  • Boast Filament Sensor Upgrade

  • Designed To Limit Filament Tangling Issues

  • Senses Filament Presence

Original Prusa MINI+ Semi-Assembled 3D Printer

  • Easy To Setup

  • User-Friendly Design

  • Auto-Levelling Bed Feature


  • Frequently Updated Tool

  • Feature-Rich

  • Exports Perfect Print Files

Best DTG Printer For Small Business – Buying Guide

When everyone around you is striving for perfection then why will you stay behind? All you require is the support of modern technology. To help you in your business you have the best DTG printer for small business. Alongside bringing you the best printers, it will also guide you about the factors to look for while you are buying. Get ready to leave your competitors far behind!

Things that make the best DTG printer for small business an outstanding machine

When you are looking for setting up a small business for printing on garments, DTG printers are the best choice for you than screen printers. These printers not only require a lesser space but also bring you a cost-effective method with a greater profit. In fact, there is so much of a craze among the different age groups for having their favorite image embedded on their t-shirts that you will never be out of demand. 

DTG printing is less hassle than other forms of garment printing and it combines great technology features and ink quality for making a sustainable print over a garment to make it last for a long time. You can also play with graphs over here as it gives you expandable qualities with a variety of platens too. These features are very easy to handle than screen printing and bring you a great business profit too. 

Here are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while you buy:

  1. Software: the secret to the success of the best quality DTG printings lies in its software. Be insistent on picking up the DTG printer that has the RIP software in it. This software is very special because it creates the base at the bottom which is especially required when you are using a white fabric or t-shirt. This helps you in reprinting an image as many times as you like. In fact, this software even comes with an inbuilt security dongle to keep your prints secured.
  2. Print heads: get the print heads while buying the DTG printer. It is a very important requirement and sadly, many printers are not sold with the print heads. So, while buying ensure you have the print heads as well.
  3. Maintenance: there are some essential maintenance factors that you must be aware of while buying the DTG printer. factors such as the type of ink and the cost that the printer uses. You also need to understand the capacity of the printer and the other care that you got to provide. All these things will help you run the best DTG printer for small business smoothly for a long time giving you the best results possible.

Now that you are thorough about the benefits that you can reap using the DTG printers and, also know about the factors while buying, let’s give a look at the best ones available.

Best DTG Printer For Small Business Reviews

1. A4 DTG Printer T-shirt Printing Machine With Textile Ink

best DTG printer for small business

Description: Brand: Hrm

Material: Steel

Connectivity Technology: USB

Printing Technology: Dye Sublimation

Special Feature: Color Printing

Performance: Hrm printer has the most useful features when it comes to DTG printing. This DTG printer for small business has created its own niche giving you the best performance along with the best technology. Using the dye sublimation technology this printer makes it easier for you to get the prints done over a variety of fabrics such as t-shirts, socks, onesies, and bags as well. what more can you ask for? It is truly a versatile DTG printer for small business.

Comparison:  if you look back at the previous model of this printer you will see some marked differences. This best direct to garment printer for small business uses high textile ink that leaves a great permanent, mark on the fabric. It also brings you colored ink bottles so that it becomes easier for you to start your business. It is also capable of handling A4 sheet size.

Usage: the manufacturers of this printer understand the business needs. This is the reason why not only have they given a better build to this DTG printer for longevity, but also kept less complex features so that it is very easy to operate. This best direct-to-garment printer for small business has an adjustable knob that allows you to make adjustments in the print height for easier operation.


  • Solid-body
  • PC compatibility
  • Color prints


  • None

What’s New?

This DT printer comes having a steel body that keeps it rust-free and makes it run perfectly for a long time. The high-quality dye sublimation feature also makes the prints look more vibrant. In fact, the color ink bottles are a must-mention here. It is of good quality and so now you will be able to make prints over dark t-shirts and light-colored ones as well. The color too is sure to last for a longer time without getting faded even after multiple washes.

Why You Should Buy It?

It is a must to buy this printer if you are looking to grow your business. The print quality that it makes is of higher quality which makes customers return for placing more orders. The flatbed photo scanner with the support of the plateless is very efficient in getting the prints directly from any type of image such as JPEG, TIFF, JPG, PSD, BMP, and many more. Even the images that you get printed are bright and colorful having a water-resistant and scratchproof surface.

2. DTF DTG Printer Gliding T Shirts Transfer Film

best DTG printer for small business

Description: Brand: Mai lelu

Material: Metal

Connectivity Technology: USB

Printing Technology: Dye Sublimation

Special Feature: Color Printing

Performance: In this dye sublimation DTG printer, you will experience the bronzing effect in its performance. Through the bronzing effect, this direct-to-garment printer for small businesses shall apply a bronze-like surface over another material that will bring a metallic feel to the printed pattern. Investing in this printer shall never go to waste as it is very efficient in printing over t-shirts, jeans, canvas, and hoodies as well. Mai lelu has given a self-developed motherboard with it that has been developed in their factory. It keeps the stability of the performance of this DTG printer.

Comparison: This model of the direct-to-garment printer for small businesses brings a more structured idea for DTG printing. It brings a suction platform of A3 format which is able to absorb the DTF printing film. This develops an effect on the transfer of heat in DTF. And because of this, the bronzing effect on the clothing appears when the printing gets done. 

Usage: You must have found by now that different DTG printers use different brands of print heads. This particular DTG printer uses the Epson L805 print head. Epson printers have already been known for their sublimation printing features along with regular printing, so here too the Epson printer head fit even adds to the low cost of maintenance of this DTG printer too. perfectly. 


  • Directly prints on hoodies and white t-shirts
  • A self-developed motherboard provides stability
  • Adds bronzing effect


  • The printing speed fluctuates sometimes

What’s New?

The uniqueness of this DTG printer is that it has been made using a self-developed that brings stability in its performance. Anyone doing DTG printing understands how important it is to have the RIP software.  TRIP software his factor is taken care of over here as well. It uses the 10.3 RIP software that brings the ability to print perfectly on white t-shirts. In fact, this software has components to protect the printer as well.

Why You Should Buy It?

Your business shall surely grow if you use this DTG printer for your purposes. It is not only about getting the prints made on the T-shirts but also on jeans hoodies, and canvas too. This aspect makes this printer much more versatile. Being guided by the A3 suction platform, it is able to give a bronzing effect on the clothes which adds another dimension to them.

You will never have to worry about the print quality using this DTG printer because it uses high-quality ink which leaves a lasting impression on the printed fabric. The printer is also able to print directly on hoodies and white t-shirts due to being backed by the RIP software. You will never have to worry about ink precipitation. The advanced white ink stirring system is there to take care of it. since it is based on the automatic timing format, it shall keep stirring intermittently. These specialist features are sure to leave behind many other DTG printers in this business.

3.A3 DTG and DTF Printer Multifunction Printing Machine

best DTG printer for small business

Description: Brand: SYXINGL

Material: Metal

Connectivity Technology: USB

Printing Technology: Dye Sublimation

Special Feature: compact size

Performance: Do you need a DTG printer having a reduced rate of failure? This small business DTG printer is just the one to have. Here you will never need to make the L1800 90 chip reset nor will you require to make the clearing. The auto-advanced technology of this small business DTG printer will keep the rate of failures reduced. Multiple sensors often cause clashes in the DTG printers but here you do not have to encounter such issues too.

This automatic flatbed DTG printer is best for the purpose of printing on t-shirts, pants, and Hoodies. But the real bonanza lies in the fact that it also gives you the feature for DTF printing as well which enables you to get prints made on shoes, hats, and many other items.

Comparison: if you compare this model to the other brands of DTG printers you will find it has more versatile features that make the DTG printing job a more profitable one. Using the DTF ink, the clothes hanger of A3 size prints directly on sweaters and white t-shirts.

Usage: It is very simple to use this DTG printer for small businesses. you can even easily transfer the heat on colored clothes too. DTF being the most modern technology for transferring prints brings you the hot stamping solution for bronzing. Any product having more than 30% of cotton in it is perfect for having the prints embedded. Whenever the need arises, you can easily buy or replace the printhead and motherboard within a cheap budget for this DTG printer small business.


  • Has features for DTG and DTF
  • Can print over a wide variety of materials
  • Reduced rate of failure


  • Limitation in color gamut

What’s New?

This printer has been developed for giving you multipurpose utilities. You can seamlessly work with DTG and DTF features too. Its compact size makes it the ideal one to have for small businesses, taking care of printing on multiple material types.

Why You Should Buy It?

It is a very user-supportive DTG printer durable to power fluctuations and flashes of sensors as well. You will even rarely encounter print head clogging as the white ink stirring system in it stirs intermittently. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to replace some parts in the DTG printers but here, this shall never be the case. You can get the printhead and the motherboard easily whenever needed.

The printer also has an A3 suction platform that absorbs bronzing paper, DTF film, and many other things and produces clothing bronzing through the process of powder shaking. This helps in bringing another dimension to the finished outcome. 


1. What is a good DTG printer?

A3 DTG and DTF Printer Multifunction Printing Machine surely is a good DTG printer for it brings the features for both DTG and DTF printings. It is reasonably priced and has a compact shape to it as well. This printer is also versatile and so you are able to print over a lot of different materials. Being supported by advanced technology, it reduces the number of print failures too.

2. Is it easy to maintain the DTG printers?

Maintaining a good brand of DTG printer is very easy and simple. The basic guideline for can is needed to be followed in order to keep the DTG printer in top working condition for a long time. In fact, even though the dye of the DTG printer is a little pricey but it is very resourceful. You can easily print a lot of garments with it and with a little investment, the earnings are huge.