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How to do Canon Wireless Printer Setup: Step-by-Step Guide

canon wireless printer setup

If you own a canon printer, then you probably want to know how to do the Canon wireless printer setup. Don’t worry! This detailed guide is all you need to set up your Canon printer wirelessly in the most effortless way. So, let’s get started and learn all about how set up canon printer wireless.

canon wireless printer setup

1.How to connect canon printer to Wi-Fi?

Connecting a canon wireless printer to your home network is easy if your wireless router or access point supports WPS. You first need to tap A, then tap Wi-Fi, then tap on settings, then Wi-Fi setup, followed by a tap on WPS, then tap OK, then press and hold on to the WPS through the push button method, then tap on OK, then you need to press and hold the WPS button which is there on the router, and finally tap OK within just 2 minutes.

2. Why won’t my canon printer connect to Wi-Fi?

You should always try updating your printer driver before checking for network issues. If the issue persists, you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer as a last resort. You can also restart all your devices, or run the printing troubleshooter. You could also check the router settings, and update the router firmware just in case to make it connect to Wi-Fi.

canon wireless printer setup

3. Why is my canon printer not connecting to my computer?

Computers do not recognize Canon printers because the appropriate device drivers are not installed. This can be fixed by installing the Canon printer driver.

4. How do I reset my network settings on my Canon printer?

Until the time the device settings appear, the next thing you need to do is press OK. You must press the button until the time Reset settings appear. Then, again you need to press OK. Then, your LAN settings will appear. Again, you need to press okay. You must simply select YES, then press OK.

5. How to do canon TS3322 setup?

You will first have to setup your canon TS3322 printer for it to work well with your Android tablet or smartphone. Then, you need to install the app. Next, you must open the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone, tap the SSID network name which starts with “Canon_ij_”. If this option does not appear, you simply must proceed to the next step. Next, open the app and follow all the instructions carefully.

6. How to check canon mg3600 Wi-Fi setup is well-connected?

You must make sure that the canon mg3600 is placed neither too far nor too near the wireless router. You can place the machine for about 50m from most wireless routers that are indoors. You must make sure that the printing machine is pretty near the WiFi router. Also, ensure that no radio wave internet source is nearby the canon mg3600 printer for a hassle-free printing experience.

If you are having problems connecting your Canon printer to your wireless network, try updating the printer driver first. If you are still experiencing problems, look for a network issue or uninstall and even reinstall the drivers and printers.

7. How to do canon mg3620 wireless setup?

You will first have to press and hold the button of WiFi that is located on the printer. You must keep pressing the same button until there is flash of the ON lamp. Next, you need to press the colour button followed by the Wi-Fi button. You must make sure that the lamp of the Wi-Fi flashes as quickly as possible. Also, make sure that the ON lamp is lit.

A blinking Wi-Fi light indicates that the printer is looking for a wireless network to connect to or if the internet connection is too weak. The printer control panel has menu button or a cancel button. Press this if you are connected via LAN or USB cable.

8. How do I install my canon printer setup for the first time?

First, you must prepare your canon printer, then insert cartridges, then select the language, then determine the grids as well as align the scanner, then install the canon printer software, finally open the software, and simply connect it.

9. How do I make my canon printer discoverable?

The printer must be turned on. On the printer’s top, press and hold the [Wi-Fi] button until you see the alarm lamp flash once. Within 2 minutes, you should see a blue light next to this button, then you can press the [WPS] button on your access point.

10. Why is my Canon printer not showing up on my laptop?

Make sure the printer is restarted and try again. Plug the printer into an outlet and unplug it. If it doesn’t work, try plugging it in again. If your printer is not connected to the computer, check to see if it has been properly configured.

11. How to connect Canon printer to laptop wirelessly?

First, you must visit the website Then, you will have to select your region, then the name of your printer, and then the computer OS. In the section for Product Setup, you must click the Download option. After that, you must click a double time on the downloaded.exe file. Then, click next. Then, click wireless LAN connection, and then connect via the wireless router option.

12. How to do Canon PIXMA Wi-Fi setup?

The printer should be turned on. The orange alarm lamp on the printer will flash once after you tap and hold the [Wi-Fi ] button on top of it. Once the Wi-Fi button starts to flash blue, use the [WPS] button on your access point within two minutes after it starts to flash blue.

13. How do I change my Canon printer to a new Wi-Fi?

You can change the Canon printer to a new Wi-Fi by ensuring that the print button is turned on, then selecting the setup option which is there on the printer operation panel screen, then selecting the LAN setting, device setting, and then Wireless Direct. You can select the Wireless Direct option followed by the Wireless Direct active or inactive option. Then, select the ON option, followed by the Yes, and once again OK option.

canon wireless printer setup

14. How do I connect to Canon printer on my phone?

You can check whether the Canon printer is turned on or not. Then, you can start the app. Then, tap more. Next, tap Bluetooth setup. To pair the printer and smartphone, follow the instructions on the screen. The Android app can print and scan once you’ve paired it with your smartphone.

15. How do I connect my iPhone to my wireless canon printer?

Upon tapping the share icon, you will see a box with an arrow pointing outwards. At the bottom of the screen, select the ‘print’ option from the taskbar. You can find nearby Airprint-compatible printers by clicking on the ‘printer select’ option. Choose a Canon printer to print to.

16. Why is my Canon printer not connecting to my iPhone?

Enable Wi-Fi on your device. Make sure your wireless network’s name has a checkmark next to it. Tap on the name of your network if your device isn’t connected to it. If prompted, enter the password for your network.

17. What is the WPS button on Canon printer?

Canon wireless printers can easily be connected to your home network if your wireless access point or router supports WPS. An easy way to connect wireless devices to a secure wireless network is by using Wi-Fi Protected Setup®, or WPS.

18. How to do Canon MG2920 WiFi setup?

Upon pressing the Wi-Fi button (A) on the printer, the Alarm lamp (B) will flash once. Release the Wi-Fi button once the alarm flashes. Press and hold the ON lamp (D) for 2 minutes after the Wi-Fi lamp (C) flashes rapidly.

19. How do I connect my Canon MG2920 to my phone?

Follow the on-screen instructions when you launch Canon print on your Android device. Click the Add Printer icon on the Main Screen. Next, you need to register your printer. Select Setup > Connect via Wireless Router > Select Connection Method.

20. How to connect my Canon MG2922 printer to my iPhone?

In the Wi-Fi settings, you should tap the network name that starts with Canon_ij. You can confirm the printer is prepared by selecting Confirm that you have set up the printer in the Wi-Fi settings screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Checkbox, and then tap Next. Once the Canon MG2922 printer has been connected to the network, follow the on-screen instructions.

21. Why won’t my Canon printer connect to my phone?

If your smartphone runs an Android OS version below 4.1, you may not be able to connect to a Canon printer with a Wi-Fi connection. For this reason, ensure your phone’s mobile environment meets the requirements of the printer before commencing.

22. How do I connect printer canon WiFi easily?

Wi-Fi-connected printers should be easily found by Windows 10. You can find Printers & scanners under Settings, Devices in the Start menu. If your printer does not appear in the list, click Add a printer or scanner and select it.  

23. What is network settings on Canon printer?

Make sure the printer is on.Two sheets of plain paper of A4 or Letter size should be loaded.Press the Setup button. Setup appears on the screen.Click OK after selecting Device settings.Press the OK button after selecting LAN settings.Click OK after selecting Print LAN details.

24. How do I change the WiFi password on my canon printer?

The status of the printer is displayed in a web browser.Make sure Security is selected. A menu appears.Make sure the Administrator password setting is selected. Select the Change administrator password. It will ask you for a password and you will be prompted to enter one. Select OK once you see the completion message.

25. How to setup canon wireless printer to WiFi?

First see that your printer is on. Then, select the option for setup which is available on the printer operation panel home screen. Then, select settings. Select device settings, then LAN settings, and then Wireless Direct. Once you select the Wireless Direct option, next you must select Wireless Direct active or inactive option. Then, select the ON option, next select the YES option, and then the OK option.

26. How to manually setup canon wireless printer to WiFi?

You can start the printer setup process after it has been turned on. WiFi setup appears first in the Setup menu. The Manual connect option will appear after pressing the right arrow in the Wi-Fi setup menu. Wireless networks near the printer will be searched for by the printer. The network password must be entered.

27. How to do canon wireless printer setup mac?

Select Print & Fax from the System Preferences menu. Then, Click “+”. A dialog box opens allowing the user to choose the printer along with a list of printers is displayed. A network-connected printer can be found by clicking the More printers button. You can choose which printer to use from the connected printers. Then, click on Add. It is now possible to use the printer that has been connected.

28. How do I connect a wireless printer to mac?

Go to your screen’s top left corner and click the Apple icon. Select system preferences from the menu. Navigate to Printers and Scanners. Below the printer list, click the “+” sign. Adding a printer is as simple as selecting it. The Use Field should be filled in with the driver or software for your printer. Then, finally you need to click Add.

29. How to do canon wireless printer setup windows 10?

You can access printer and scanner settings from clicking start, then settings, then Bluetooth and devices. Then, tapping on printers and scanners. Select Add a device at the bottom of the list of printers and scanners. Select Add device, and wait for the printer to add after it finds nearby printers.