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How to Print on 50 / 50 Hoodie with DTG Printer?

how to print on 50 / 50 hoodie with dtg printer

This particular printing concerns the more advanced form of inkjet printers. This makes printing possible on shirts and t-shirts. A lot of people in the printing business want to know how to print on 50 / 50 hoodie with dtg printer to expand their business. You have this printer as a gift because it prints the shit that you desire at a much more affordable price.

What Does 50 Cotton And 50 Polyester Mean?

The garment is 50% cotton and 50% polyester is what 50 cotton and 50 polyesters mean. Here half of it is polyester and half is cotton and the dying part of the work will be great but the ink adapts best to cotton than to polyester. However, even though ink gets adapted with difficulty, it does and then it stays.

how to print on 50 / 50 hoodie with dtg printer

Benefit Of 50 cotton 50 polyester t-shirts

The benefit of 50 cotton 50 polyester t-shirts is that this sort of fabric works for a lot of things like business community or sports events. More importantly, you can be sure that the fabric will not lose its color easily. Since you know that polyester fabric has more wide pores, thereby it adapts and holds the color longer and you can easily wash it time and again.

The Setting Of Dtg on polyester

The polyester-made garments are a bit more loose-knit and the ink goes through them. When it comes to the set of data on polyester then it is very similar to that of cotton but there are certain adjustments like you need to preset in case the color of the t-shirt is dark and the F200, the quality of the print should be at level 1 and that of F2100 should be either at 4 or 5 with proper highlight if the white should be on or off. The ink density is supposed to be +25% in the case of white and the same for color.

Features Of Cotton polyester blend hoodies?

 The cotton-polyester blend how to print on 50 / 50 hoodie with dtg printer included, this leads to softness as well as a very naturalistic feel and has a very temperature being regulated sort of environment. It also retains moisture and the shrinking is less, as well as the wrinkles on the garment, are also rare. The garment has great durability and additionally, it resists stains.

 Polyester cotton shirts For The Win

These blends are very famous in clothes, especially polyester cotton shirts. A lot of people prefer these blends and this is because it is very light in weight and very comfortable. The consumer uses this more often and they have a huge demand. As businesses are learning how to print on 50 / 50 hoodie with dtg printer, more varieties are coming into the market.

Concept Of Print to garment printer

The print-to garment printer uses the digital printer in order to have a textile printed with the water based-ink which uses the chemical binders with the help of which the ink sticks to the garment.

Use Of Dtg on hoodies

Dtg on hoodies allows you to get a customized hoodie with all the finest details. The use of this printer is very easy which is why you can enjoy the colors and comfort of the garment and confidently enjoy the new and unique product which is as per you.

how to print on 50 / 50 hoodie with dtg printer

DTG hoodie printing For Quick Products

If you use dtg for printing, you can be assured of some quick products. The DTG hoodie printing is very quick and allows you to quickly get done with the orders. The production time of the dtg print is very quick and similar to some quick printers. You are up for all sorts of garments with all sorts of colors with this choice of printer.

Here is all about how to print on 50 / 50 hoodie with dtg printer.


1. Is It Possible That The DTG Prints Last For A Long Time?

Yes, it is always possible. In fact, a lot of these prints are of durable quality and thus for a long time. They have a permanent nature once produced on the garment and this is why it lasts longer than you can expect.

2. Is It True That The DTG Prints Also Peel Off After Some Time?

No, the prints by DTG are very absorbing and get stick to the cloth. This is the reason that even if you wash them they won’t peel off and in general, also they won’t come out.

Now, that you have learned how to how to print on 50 / 50 hoodie with dtg printer with a DTG printer, you can experiment with your style of clothing and colors.