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How to Print White on Black on a DTG Printer?

how to print white on black on a dtg printer


Garment printing with the help of a DTG (Direct-to-garment) printer is becoming more popular day by day. This printer can work with any color and any fabric. Now, you may think about how to print white on black on a dtg printer since working with black and white colors is not that easy. There is a fear of mixing the colors up. But this process is not that difficult. Anyone will be able to do it rightly. So, go on reading to know all about it.

The process of printing white on black with the help of a DTG printer

how to print white on black on a dtg printer

To print white on black on a DTG printer, you need to follow the few steps mentioned below –

Choose the right printer for shirts

First of all, you need to choose a good DTG printer to print your shirts or other garments. Otherwise, your shirt will be damaged. You will not get the result you desired. 

Select appropriate dtg shirts

Next, you have to select some shirts that will go well with the DTG printer. Garments made of pure cotton are the best for this purpose. However, to make it right, you should avoid trying printing on the following garments –

  1. Polyester wears
  2. Sweatpants
  3. Garments with less than 50% of cotton in them
  4. Sweatshirts

Secure the dtg printing quality

Now, it is time to add a pretreatment solution to your garment. You need to spread the solution evenly upon the area of printing. Not only for dark clothes, but this step is also very crucial for white shirt printing. It will serve you with the best result. Here is all about how to print white on black on a dtg printer.

Choose or draw an image or a design for printing white ink on black t-shirts

how to print white on black on a dtg printer

Go to the application “Garment Image Creator” on your PC. Do not forget to check whether it is connected properly with the DTG printer. There you can draw anything you want to be printer on your t-shirt or you can choose any design too. Then adjust the measurements of that design or image the way you want. Here is all about how to print white on black on a dtg printer.

Begin a trial of printing on dark shirts

Your pretreated shirt is now ready to go into the DTG printer. But before you go for the final product, it is better to run a few trial versions on your old or rejected dark shirts. You will get to see if something in the design needs any change or not. When you are sure about the design printed, send your final shirt inside the printer.

And you are done! Now just press the Print button. Your t-shirt with the dtg printing white on black will come out as you have desired. 

So, the process is pretty simple so to say. The DTG printer has enhanced the industry or business of garment printing to another dimension. The expenses have been reduced. Less time is being taken in the whole process. And a product of good quality is being served to the customers. 

The DTG printer also comes at a reasonable price. It can work with any design you want. You can also choose any images or designs of finer details. This printer will print the exact same thing with all those details. 

Here is all about how to print white on black on a dtg printer.


1. Can I work with black and white ink on a DTG printer without damaging my t-shirt?

Yes, you definitely can. You only need to keep one thing in mind. Always apply a pretreatment solution to your t-shirt before you send it to the printer for printing. This solution will secure the ink. The ink will not smudge on your t-shirt. Otherwise, your t-shirt is ruined. 

2. Can I use any fabric to print on a DTG printer?

It is better to use pure cotton clothes on a DTG printer. It works with cotton the best. However, you can try other fabrics apart from polyester, the fabric used in sweatshirts or sweatpants, or garments with only a little amount of cotton. They may not give you the result you desire. Or, they can be damaged too.