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How to Set Up Brothers Wireless Printer: Step-by-Step Guide

set up brothers wireless printer

Brothers wireless printers are one of the best printers in the world because of their exceptional printing qualities. In this post, we are going to learn how to set up Brothers wireless printer. Before that, let us see a brief set of features of Brothers wireless printers. 

Most of us would think that Brother printers are a relatively new brand. But in reality, they are one of the oldest printer manufacturing companies that started in the 1960s. Most of the printer manufacturing companies started their first printer units only decades after Brothers printers. 

Being the pioneer manufacturers of printers, they have gained indefinite knowledge that led to various innovative technologies that elevate the level of printing. Brothers wireless printers are referred to you because they have the best printing output quality. 

The high-definition printing technology is unrivaled to date. You can print accurate copies of your document, research, and photos. There will be no difference between what you see on your computer or your mobile device and the copy that has been printed by Brother’s wireless printers. 

It is worth mentioning that these printers have the easiest installation steps. Even an amateur with no prior experience in installing a printer can finish the installation and start printing within a few minutes. Also, a proper installation guide will be included in each printer, regardless of the model. 

Brother Printer Wireless Setup

We have seen the general features of Brother printers. But the major thing that makes these printers the people’s choice is the Brother printer wifi setup. It is ultimately easy to set these printers up with other devices through wireless connections such as Wifi. 

When it comes to printers, connectivity is a huge problem. Even the best printers will face many connectivity issues. However, it is not the case with Brother printers. The Brother hl2270dw wireless setup has amusing positive reviews on its amazing Wifi connection.

Even if you encounter a connectivity problem, a simple troubleshooting process will clear up the issue, and you will be able to print again in no time. The hl2270dw wireless setup has simple troubleshooting configurations to make your job much easier. 

Brother Wifi Setup

We have seen why having a Brother wireless printer might be a great asset. Now we are going to learn the most feasible way to establish a proper wireless connection between your printer and your computer. 

1. Find Your Network 

The first and primary step in connecting your printer to your computer or other devices, such as mobile phones, is to find a common network. You have to connect to this network. For that, you will have to find the network’s name and password. The network’s name is also called SSID or ESSID. 

The network’s name and the access point will be on the rear part of the router. You can also check the same using your mobile device or the portal. 

2. Connect Your Brother Printer To The Network

Once you have figured out the network’s name, we can proceed to connect the printer to the router or the access point. So, first, turn on the Brother printer after connecting the power cord. Once the printer is completely turned on, click the Menu button on the control panel. 

Now, we have to find the Network menu. It can be in a different position depending on the type of printer. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to locate the Network menu and click on it. 

In the Network menu, use the same Up and Down arrow keys to locate the Wlan menu. Once you have to find the Wlan, click on it to open the available devices. Now, use the same arrow keys to find the Setup Wizard and click Ok. 

set up brothers wireless printer

It will set up the wizard, and we are halfway through the process. After the setup is complete, a pop-up message will appear saying do you wish to enable WLAN. Click yes when the pop-up appears. 

Now, click on the search for the available network. A list of the network’s name, also known as SSID, will appear. Carefully choose the right SSID that would suit the router that you wish to connect your printer with. After that, enter the password of the respective network. 

It might take from a few seconds to a few minutes to establish a connection. In the meantime, a message will appear saying “Connecting.” Once the connection is established, you can move to the next step, where we will be making your computer compatible to connect to the printer. You can follow the same steps for brother hl2170w wireless setup and brother tn730 wifi setup. 

3. Install Drivers

Yes, we are going to download and install drivers so that you can connect your computer to the Brother printers wirelessly. 

Go to the official Bother printers website and download the drivers that suit your computer’s operating system and your printer model. If you are using a Windows computer, download the Full Driver and Software package. Click on the downloaded package and proceed with installing. Once the installation is complete, you can print wirelessly with the Brother printer if you are connected to the same network. 

If you are using Macintosh OS, download the Full Software package. If the specific driver is not available, download the Scanner driver and the Printer driver and install them after downloading. In case these drives don’t work, you should use the AirPrint settings to print wirelessly.

Here is all about how to set up brothers wireless printer.


1. How to set up Brother wireless printers?

First, install the drivers on your computer and connect the computer to a common network. Then use the control panel to find the menu. In the menu, you can go to Network>Wlan>Find Networks and click on the network you have connected your computer in. After the connection is established, you can start printing wirelessly. If you are using a Mac OS computer, you can also use the AirPrint mode to print wirelessly.