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Wireless printer installation steps

Wireless printer installation steps

Wireless printer installation steps shall walk you through some very easy-to-follow basic steps that will connect your printer to your local wireless network in a breeze. It is certain that from here on you will never face any issues with the wireless installation process for your printer, as you read ahead.

Wireless printer installation steps

Wireless printer installation steps

You shall find that these days almost every model of wireless printer supports direct wifi connectivity. It helps you to establish the connection between your laptop or pc even when the server of your local network is down. Because the printer serves as the wifi access point directly, so, once you follow the wifi printer configuration step by step, you shall easily learn about how setup wireless printer. This process basically shall teach you to set up a peer-to-peer connection through your direct wifi network. 

It shall allow you to access the web setup page of your printer while completing the configuration of your network. If you happen to have a printer having an LCD screen then, the wifi setup wizard on the screen shall make it much easier for you into connecting to the router. After you connect the printer wirelessly, you will be able to install or add it to any Windows 10 laptop or pc very easily from there on. You shall no longer be facing a challenge on how to install wireless printer on laptop. You shall find the steps for installing a printer, below.

Wireless printers and their features

Wireless or even wifi printers (as some may call them) are advanced-level printers that are able to connect with a network very easily even when you have not established a wired connection with that network. As you connect a wireless printer to the wifi network, all your devices be it tablets, smartphone, laptop, or pcs also gets connected with that network. That would enable you to make prints using the wifi printer.

The thing about wireless printers is that it is never space bound. You can easily place it anywhere according to your convenience. All you got to make sure of is that there is a strong signal between the wireless router and the printer. Such printers are always convenient to use because it gives you the freedom of printing from various distributed devices into one location which can be easily accessed. These printers make it easier for you to avail the print on the go features of the printer.

Wireless printer installation steps



One of the highlights of these printers is that they have a compact body. It never takes much of the space yet delivers you a great functioning capacity.


These printers are high on productive value but their prices are mostly within the budget. Investing in these printers is always good as the returns are good. 

The capacity of ink and paper

Wireless inkjet printers come having greater paper holding capacity. in addition to that the ink of these printers never runs out too quickly. There are even many wireless printers that offer automatic double-sided printing features. This results in saving time, saving paper consumption by half, and even cutting down on the errors of double prints or misprints as well.

Freedom to operate

Wireless printers keep you in space-bound operation. You can easily make your prints done virtually by connecting the printer to your smartphone irrespective of wherever you may be and at what time as well.

Great design of the printers

The wireless printer never looks heavy and bulky. They are always compact giving you more space to work and also offer multiple functions. One of the striking features of these printers is that they look presentable and make them good to look at. You shall never have to see a clutter of wires attached to these printers. 

All-in-one features

The wireless printer is efficient to handle many of your tasks very easily. These printers are given the all-in-one features that not only print the documents or photos for you but also give the option for copying and scanning them as well. There are even many wireless printers that give you the provision for making fax from them as well. Wireless printers are undoubtedly high in speed and efficiency than wired ones and having the advanced technology set in them gives the greater quality of prints.

How to install wireless printer on Windows 10

  1. Select the Settings app. You can even use a shortcut on the keyboard by pressing Win + I. then go to the option that reads Devices and thereafter choose the option Printers and Scanners. Here select the option that tells you for adding it.
  2. If you find that it has detected your printer then choose it and then select Add device. This shall automatically prompt Windows 10 for getting the printer driver downloaded and installed in it. Do not move to the next step until this process gets completed.
  3. If you see that somehow Windows 10 has not been able to detect your printer, then select the link for the option that says your printer is not in the list. Here you shall be getting multiple options for finding your printer name through the pop-up wizard. It is advisable that you select the option that guides you to choose the name of your printer using either the hostname or by TCP/IP address.
  4. After putting the IP address of the printer select the option Next.
  5. Here you rename your printer. You can also ignore this option by pressing Next.
  6. Now select the option for not sharing the printer. And then go to the final page of the installation wizard. You can choose the Print option here and make a test print to ensure if it is working fine. It is important to ensure here of the laptop and the printer is in sync here.
  7. You are good to go. Your wireless printer has been installed on your Windows 10.